Aspiring graphic designer. I create simple 3d models and decorate them with sexy textures, and I have fun while I do so! I've also done websites and logos, but that along with the 3d art and skinning is just a hobby. But hopefully, one day, it will be my proffesion!

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Marmoset Toolbag

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Hey fellers!
So, I'm wondering if I should buy Marmoset Toolbag? Up until now I've been using the free version of the software that is no longer supported by the developers. I love the app, and I've heard many great things about the newest version. It's great for rendering portfolio pieces and testing out textures, etc.

So, if there's anyone out there that's actually reading this, do you think I should buy Marmoset Toolbag?
Considering I'm only 15 and I have a small amount of money at my disposal, I'm wondering if it's worth it.

Please leave a comment expressing your thoughts on the matter!
Thanks, Kevin


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I'm rater pissed of at the moment... Yesterday I decided to add some more pieces to my portfolio, so I rendered and took screenshots of around 18 models. All was well until I opened the final model in Marmoset Toolbag, and then the dreaded overheat occurred. Now, I have my self to blame as I was laying in bed with my laptop placed on the mattress.

It wasn't my first time having an overheat, so my reaction was simple, reboot. Bu that's were I was wrong. I've had my laptop for 3 years now, so over time, I've gathered a lot of garbage on my computer. That together with many other aspects caused my PC to go into a sort of death state.

I have win8, so as i rebooted i immediately acquired the blue screen, and the laptop was forced to reboot again. Now this time, I had the messages; Trying to repair PC and diagnosing computer. When they had faded I was met by a horrifying sight, another blue screen D:

"Automatic Repair Failed"... What! I was presented with a lot of options, many of them being, or similar to, "Reformat you PC and permanently delete all the important stuff you've saved over the past years. Instant profit!" And i simply refused to do so. So, I tried re installing the OS while keeping the files, refresh PC as they call it, and that didn't work. I looked the option that allowed me to restore an old backup, and I tried, but I failed. And after countless hours of rebooting my PC and bashing the f8 button, with no success of course, I gave up.

After some time my dad came home from work and "rushed" to my aid, the "rush" took 4 hours, anyways. So prompted the cmd and manually started moving my most important documents and files to a USB-stick. And when he was done, I had to accept the inevitable, a full system reset.

So now I'm finally done installing my OS and setting up the essentials. But Photoshop, Silo and Marmoset still remain to be downloaded.

In short guys, I've lost all my stuff, except for some stuff that we managed to save. And, I only have 3 of the 20 portfolio pieces...

The moral of this story? NEVER USE A PC IN BED, EVER! (I'm a hypocrite since I'm actually doing it now)

So here I am...

Kevinsaer Blog 0 comments

I wrote a blog post earlier today, about making a moddb account, seems it didnt get posted.
Well, all in all, Im just happy to be here, and I'm looking forward to showing of my work and interacting with the community :D Im going to write longer posts in the future, but this is all for now.


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