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~Kenny~ @ The Mortewood Plaza - Dual Sawn-off Shotguns!

Umm, you do realize that you can get them registered to be below that limit?

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~Kenny~ @ The Mortewood Plaza - Animated Katana Gibs

I need a new pair of pants.

When this game comes out, I will definately, DEFINATELY, get this. Do they gib every which way?

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~Kenny~ @ The Mortewood Plaza - Sticky Grenades

I am SOO making a lego version of this (I know what your thinking. "WTF? This person plays with lego? GTFO 9 YEAR OLD", but I am 14, and I make things with Brickarms. Don't know what that is? look it up. Coolest. Stuff. EVER. Also, the only reason I like lego :3)

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~Kenny~ @ The Mortewood Plaza - VFAQ

Hey, I have an idea I've been wanting to see ever since I read the books. Would you mind making a "Max Brooks" Mode? The zombies would be slower, and shuffling, and only a head shot (to the brain) will kill. Heads that remain alive (chopped off) Can still do damage, and maybe even get stomped on as a special attack? The zombies can survive under water, and will burn for long periods of time.

Also, I have a weapon suggestion. It's from the book "World War Z". The gun is called the SIR (Standard Infantry Rifle). It is semi-automatic and Pyrotechnically Initiated Explosive Rounds (A.K.A, Cherry PIE rounds) that release a small charge inside the target (usually the brain) Causing a red light to emit from any openings (Eyes, mouth, bullet holes, etc.)

I understand that the previous suggestions would be difficult as hell to make, and I did a pretty vague description of the "Max Brooks" mode. If you think the mode is a good idea, and decide to use it, maybe look up online, or buy the book (If you haven't read this already) "The Zombie Survival Guide" By Max Brooks, and for more info on the "SIR with Cherry PIE rounds" read "World War Z".


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