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The Dark Mod (Standalone)

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Finally got my paws on a copy of Doom3 and have installed THE DARK MOD.
While teh download was downloading i was checking out reviews of some of the missions, I do like intense, tight, and pressuring mansion/big building style missions so i got a farely large handful.
Anyway. The dark mod! I was so eager to play I forgot about the training mission, played the other one, the thieves den.
After choking maniacally for about 10 mins my mission finally loads. WOW this looks sexeh.
Damn, those rain effects are too pretty. Far too pretty. I'll put up with that. Lets see how the sword fight pans out, block like this aye? Shwang! clang, cling! Yeahh! I can do this! Thump, thwarrk, Fail.
Ok, round 2, arrows. The element of surprise will favour me this time. That guard took four of em! He's still up and now he's hunting for me, I'm backed into a corner waiting for him, sword at the ready. utside, then I close the door. And silence! WOW yes! This is thief! Oh yes, I peed a little bit just thenEager I run up to him, Err swing? No, err let go, oh thats it! damn how to block again? Fail no2.
Right, this time! He walks back and forth aah I see now, bonked him on his head. Flumped over. Yay! Vict000r!
Right, check the area now.. Look around trying every door imaginable twice over, hmm.. Lets see, figure out this map thing... climb over here... I see.
Ah, the ledge right ok Mantle up, jimmy onto the wall do I mantle this fence now, ah fail 3. The fence killed me! I'm learning, I'm getting there!
Now I got it, bonk the guard mantle up the fence only HALF kills me this time, yeahh pr0, see this Woaa theres a someone underneath me! crouch round this side of the wall, drop on the floor and bonk this one aswell, Ooh Yoink the purse!
In we go, and what beautiful sound effect transition from the outdoor rain, to indoor hearing the rain outside, then I close the door. And silence! WOW yes! This is thief! Oh yes, I peed a little bit just then.

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