♥♡Hello, welcome to my Desura account. I am a Panda born from humans. I do games on youtube for my Subscribers, I hope you will become one too! ^^ Do not mistake me for a cutie girly girl. I love horror, RPG and action. as long as it has blood, I love it! I'm a fangirl of jeffery the killer! I'm not really a slendy type ^^;; But I love creepypasta monsters. I'm a forever alone person for now since i'm homeschooled and all I do is play games. I hope I can play multiplayer with anyone i'd be really happy! :D So yeah subscribe to my channel ^^ Sometimes I wonder what Pokemon taste like, but hey I bet if we were a show the trainers would want to know what our animals taste like.. Cause cute things taste good to my opinion! Bye Bye♡♥


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