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Report RSS Nintendo wants money from Let’s Play Channels!

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Nintendo wants money from Let’s Play Channels

They have sent notices to YouTube users who make movies with Nintendo content Sometimes you wonder if Nintendo has been blind from sitting in a bubble for years. Your tactics are often contrary to the trends of the time. For example, they were to tapes when everyone else opted for the CD-ROM. And they consistently refuse to participate in the technology race and create rather cheaper - but often more original - hardware. In particular, the Internet has been a great threat to Nintendo over the years, first with the 3DS and Wii U seems to have discovered the opportunities rather than threats by releasing their players out online and let the socializing with each

Takes over fan videos on YouTube

Site Game Front namely revealed today that Nintendo has discovered video site YouTube has started to send out content warnings to people who have posted or made ​​videos with Nintendo content.

The warning does in practice that the user can no longer monetize their video. Instead, the Nintendo receiving income. In addition, Nintendo may choose to put ads into the video, block access to the video in certain countries or block it completely. If they block a video can cause the user's various privilege, like uploading videos that are more than 15 minutes long.

Thus says Nintendo free to remove videos criticizing their games, or put their games in a bad light.

More Let's Play-makers have already received inquiries from Nintendo, which has now taken control of their videos. Nintendo claims in an email to Game Front that they do not have to account to block videos, but want to "make sure that Nintendo content is being shared across social media channels in an appropriate and safe manner."

Let's Play-makers are obviously up in arms, and according Game Front has several declared that they now keep far from Nintendo games when they make videos.

Nintendo's version of the internet is a closed and exclusive system that Nintendo should have full control. It is characterized by the same attitude the company has had since the 80's where they had full control over the flow of information about their games through magazines like Nintendo Power.

Play Videos on YouTube has certainly been a headache for Nintendo long, which would like to have control over these too. Now they are trying to get control, it will hardly be positive for Nintendo in the long run.

More information can you get from here: Game Front

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