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[New games are coming update 09/09/12]

[The Last of Us]

Naughty Dogs "The Last of Us" has made ​​waves since the game was announced last winter. It is perhaps not surprising considering the success the developer has had with "Uncharted" series this generation. When gameplay from "The Last of Us" was finally shown off during this years E3 earlier this year, there were still some skepticism for the "script" or linearly game would be.

It was certainly a pretty extended version of the game that was shown behind closed doors and it is this version of the gameplay demo they finally got to see this week. The video can of course be seen below.

"The Last of Us" has suggested release date second quarter of 2013.
The game is
exclusive to the Playstation 3

[Forza Horizon]

When Turn 10 Studios announced a partnership with Playground Games for upcoming "Forza Horizon", many fans of the series who saw red. "Forza" series is widely regarded as the king of simulation racers and "Forza Horizon" promises an "arcade"-oriented gameplay. Nevertheless, it may be interesting to see how Turn 10 Studios love for cars and racing genre can be brought into a slightly less hostile format. This week they released the first developer diary from the game. The video can be seen below.

"Forza Horizon" has release date 26 October 2012.
The game is
exclusive to the Xbox 360

[Halo 4]

It's probably little doubt that expectations are high for 343 Industries 'Halo 4'. Bungie, the developer behind the original "Halo" series, is no longer behind the wheel, but then they should also remember that 343 Industries is the company that was created to continue the "Halo" universe. With its 250 employees, there is no shortage of either talent or ambition.

If they
think 343 Industries will namely "Halo 4" will be far more ambitious than previous games in the series. We check out the first developer diary from the game, which was released this week, it's also pretty hard not to believe what they say. The video can of course be seen below.

"Halo 4" has release date 6 November 2012.
The game is
exclusive to the Xbox 360

[Mark of the Ninja]

Klei Entertainment, best known as the developer behind "Shank" games, launched this week, "Mark of the Ninja." Graphics-wise similar to 'Mark of the Ninja "of" Shank ", but there will also stop the similarities. The games are admittedly both based around a so-called two-dimensional gameplay, but where "Shank" was an excessive action game is "Mark of the Ninja" a wash real stealth games. It will not however say that there is a lack of blood and gore in the game. Just look at the latest trailer from the game below.

"Mark of the Ninja" was released this week and are available through Xbox Live.
The game
is exclusive to Xbox 360

[Torchlight II]

Although Blizzard's "Diablo III" was a huge success when it was launched earlier this year, many hardcore action-RPG fans who probably are not completely satisfied with the game. Then there can be a small consolation that Runic Games' Torchlight II "is now just around the corner.

The game,
which by the way has been developed by some of the people behind the two original "Diablo" games, maybe something more light-heart when it comes to graphic style and theme. However, the game takes hard again on both gameplay and "loot" systems.

The title is said that just around the corner and recently released Runic Games out the launch trailer for the game. The trailer can be seen below as usual.

"Torchlight II" has release date 20 september 2012.
The game is only for PC.

[XCOM: Enemy Unknown]

Firaxis Games, best known as the developers of the legendary "Civilization" series, is currently working on a "remake" of another legendary strategy game. "XCOM: Enemy Unknown", the game is called, is a turn-based action strategy game where players are tasked to defend the Earth from invading aliens. The game is now just over a month from launch and this week they got a real taste of the game. The iform the detailed review video which can be seen below.

"XCOM: Enemy Unknown" has release date 12 October 2012.
The game comes
to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

[Dungeon Rampage]

It was probably a Sunday tapas at an end and they hope it was something that fell to the taste of the majority. This time I choose to end with the humorous launch trailer for the Facebook game "Dungeon Rampage."

"Dungeon Rampage" is already out and can be played through Facebook or here

Awesome games! :D

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I know ;)

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