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Kane_Smart @ CIS fans

Hello members and fans of CIS, I come to you with an invite to the galaxy I live in. It's The Gungan Council, a starwars board that has been going for more than 10 years and has in excess of 2.1 million posts.

Stop by and say hello, if enough of you like it, who knows, you might even get your own CIS faction. Years has it been since the Seps and their droid armies vanished.

I hope to see you soon.

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Kane_Smart @ Bounty Hunters

Su'cuy Bounty Hunters, I am Mand'alor the liberator from the SW galaxy TGC. Cool sight you have here, I use to be a bounty Hunter. TGC's best, so I'd like to invite you all to drop by at least and say hi. Who knows, you might like it and stay. You may join the Galactic Underworlds, Bounty Hunters Guild, or the Rebellion or worse, The Empire.

These are all exciting places to be, but the United Triumvirate of Mandalorians, Chiss and Hapans is da bomb.

Drop by and say Su'cuy, it's The Gungan Council at Yuku, we have a wicked podcast.

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Kane_Smart @ 501st

Su,cuy troops of the 501st. I am Mand'alore the Liberator. I come from an alternate galaxy. I am here today to invite you to stop by and say hello. The galaxy I come from is TGC ( The Gungan Council). They are oppressed by an evil, but proud Empire, but the Empire isn't as strong as they would like to be and hasn't been for some time.

It would be nice if you checked it out, before my Mandalorians along with my Chiss and Hapan allies, smash them into dust.

Thank you for your time.

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Kane_Smart @ Hapes Consortium

Hello people of the Hapes Consortium, I am Kane Smart of The Gungan Council's United Triumvirate. I come to invite you to check out our RP board. United Triumvirate is an alliance between Chiss, Hapan and Mandalorian governments.

The combine might of our military forces stand against oppressive governments and crime organizations as we seek to free the galaxy of tyranny.

Please swing by and say hello, if you like it stay and be a Hapan.

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Kane_Smart @ Chiss Republic

Lol, I see Elli has beaten me to an Invitation to the United Triumvirate.

* looks at Adenn*

Adenn? Is that you?

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Kane_Smart @ Chiss Military Ranks

Hello people of the Chiss Republic. I am Kane E Smart of the United Triumvirate of TGC.
I am the Current Mand'alor on the board and I'm seeking Chiss to Join us and assist in swelling the Chiss ranks from 2 to a more respectable number. If you wish to check out our board, just google The Gungan Council, there is a drop down menu at the bottom of the page titled Neutral factions, Click on that and choose United Triumvirate.

It would be good to have some new writers.

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