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Ok so I know there's a lot of trolls at AvP's steam forum plus several other locations claiming that AvP a game which involves creatures with acid blood, dark rooms and to top it off a humanoid life-form that stalks the strongest prey (which in this case is a Marine Alien) (What happened to Army Special forces?) Is some how a competitor to a online military game which features none of these creatures.

Granted traditional hunting rights have moved more to an investigative approach for AvP, since 3 Predators Fucked up and another 3 are sent to into figure out why. The Predator you play is pretty much putting the pieces together and solving them, while digging into his heritage, which is a pro considering what people seem to only know about a predator is "get to the chopper!"

Meanwhile the other 2 predators are busy doing their part.
Although one personal complaint here, not saying its a bad thing or something but, why did you have to copy Crysis on the fact that Predators can have a "vaporize" option to cover up the existence of the great and powerful hunters?

Closest thing to a video where you can actually see it, ignore the music :/
The marines are sent in to investigate a emergency transmission from BG-386 sent by the administrator of the colony when No. 6 and his cohorts escape, gameplay is solid, story is decent, Tequila was actually like-able. Van Zaat, sorta saw that happening. And to make things interesting on a side note: You did not see Kaneko at any point in the game, if he was Mr. Weyland's right hand man, what was he doing? Taking a shit while the aliens were bleeding on the urinals?

Alien campaign you play as No. 6 an alien who was "smarter than the average alien" and also managed to get Karl Bishop Weyland's attention cause of that unique fact. If you ask me, the alien campaign is solid as it can be, I noticed they did a couple of Alien vs. Predator 2 references than anything else in the game (I was really expecting a young Rykov to pop in unannounced or Eisenberg since he was tied in to the xenomorphs)

BF: BC 2

Has nothing to compare to AvP unless the Russians were developing a alien or a predator :/
Also it's predecessor has nothing on AvP. Unless the Predator temple had ancient shoulder canons encrusted in gold.

So in short, AvP is a science fiction game that focuses on 3 races and a story that intertwines them.
BF:BC2 is a mock-up of MW2. Unless there's gold in them 'thar' hills.
So you tell me, what does BF:BC2 have in common with Aliens Vs. Predator?
Except get to the chopper?
Btw at what point do you get to do this in BF:BC2?
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

One more thought: Unless Rebellion starts doing vids like these for AvP for the Marines in-game.
This can't be compared to BF:BC2 or the original

Oh and this:

So, if people want to compare games, how about a real reason?

"What if"

"What if"

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Nice to hear from you, glad to see there's still a pulse.
Are you guys still going to work on the mod?

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I wish your Dino Crisis mod didn't die =(
how've you been these years =)

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