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JoshfromAccounting Mar 28 2013, 10:17pm says:

You have some damn good taste in pictures my friend.

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JoshfromAccounting Mar 21 2013, 2:18am says:

'An indicator?' Obitus questioned as he finished off an enemy trooper and looked around. Grey Jedi Knights and Paladins were taking down waves of troops were being demolished and Shock Troopers were trading fire with Storm Troopers.
'Master, it means we need to retreat from the ship!' Yelled Lyoxen, deflecting lasers.
'Right.' Obitus raised his wrist communicator and spoke: 'All troops, Jedi and members of the Pentastar Alignment, if you do not comprehend what the indicator means listen up! We must evacuate the ship and return to The Corana. Understood?'
Yet again Obitus' words were followed by the "Yes Sir"s of troops and Jedi.
'Good! Now, return enemy fire when necessary and board the Vectors!' The Commander looked around and saw the Death Team. 'That counts for the Death Team also.' He finished, annoyed that they hadn't started to move.
Obitus pointed his Lightsaber to the Docking Bay and troops rushed forward, casually turning around and firing at Storm Troopers when needed. Obitus and Lyoxen ran alongside the very last of the troops.

When the Vectors were filled each took off and flew towards The Corona.
Obitus spoke into his wrist communicator yet again
'Jester, why is it that you made the troops and I return to The Corona?'

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JoshfromAccounting Mar 20 2013, 2:32am says:

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JoshfromAccounting Mar 20 2013, 2:29am replied:

Actually, I've been roleplaying for three years on another site. I just gots skillz.

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JoshfromAccounting Mar 19 2013, 5:56am says:

Part II

With a roar the Pentastar Alignment's forces rushed out, Obitus lead the charge as Lyoxen was only slightly behind him, both spinning their Lightsabers with expert precision to deflect any and all lasers fired their way, the two Paladins of the Grey Jedi Order moved without speaking, weaving around enemies and slicing them in halves. The ten Grey Jedi Knights rushed around, slaughtering pilot of Imperial ships and then rushing ahead. The 200 soldiers of the 236th Shock Trooper Legion fired their weapons with expert precision. In a matter of minutes all pilots in the Docking Bay were killed.

Arcturus and his Death Squad were soon beside Obitus and Lyoxen, all running forward as troops of the ship were bombarded with lasers and Lightsabers.
'Good to see you made it,' Said Obitus as he sprinted. 'I hear you are the brother to Jester. You best be half as good as him to impress me.' Obitus then picked up the pace, running up the back of a Storm Trooper and kicking off of him with the assistance of the Force, the trooper leaving a dent in the white tiles of the ship as well as cracks from the sheer force. Lyoxen followed Obitus, Force-pushing a group of Storm Troopers into the fire of Shock Troopers. Obitus rose his wrist up to his hand to communicate with his units.
'Men, stay on the offensive and obliterate The Empire's forces. Leave none alive other than Moff Vaiken, I don't care what you are told by others but you are under my command now.'
This was followed by a united response of:
'Yes Commander!'

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JoshfromAccounting Mar 19 2013, 5:55am says:

Part I

'An Executor? I remember these from my time in The Empire,' Muttered Obitus as the Vector continued rocketing towards The Executor, Obitus' target.
'Is that so, Master?' Asked Lyoxen, uncertainty tainting his voice as he thought of the battle yet to come.
'Yes, ready your Lightsaber my Apprentice, we will be in battle soon.' The Paladins on both sides of the two both gripped their Lightsabers as landing was about to be under way. With a brief rumble, the Vector landed in the Ventral Docking Bay and became motionless. The main exit opened, nothing stirred for a moment.

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JoshfromAccounting Mar 18 2013, 5:53pm replied:

"Obitus entered the battlefield at a slow jog, then stopped to take a breath after ten seconds."

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JoshfromAccounting Mar 16 2013, 10:19pm replied:

Thankyou kind sir :D

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JoshfromAccounting Mar 14 2013, 2:56am says:

Says to post here if I wanted to get started in this awesomeness.

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