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Borderlands II

JevansWADOOSH Blog

Being from the UK, the release of Borderlands is dawning upon us.

Personally, I cannot wait. Not even a little bit.

After playing the first game religiously, just hearing the announcement of a sequel made me scream a little bit. With no over exaduration, I genuinely believe the first game, although under-exposed, is up there with one of the greatest games of all time. It has everything;

  • Awesome looting
  • Decent story (although hard to follow at time)
  • Witty humour (I LOVE that in a game)
  • Diverse and fun stuff to kill
  • Fantasticly hilarious gore (if you didn't get the GOTY edition)
  • Four VERY different characters to chose from
  • Customisable traits and colours etc.
  • Versatile, simple and fun gameplay

I'm pretty sure there's more that just don't spring to mind. However, those above are some of the pieces of an fanatastic world-beating game. Of course, it's all a matter of opinion.. But that goes without saying.

Unless I've been lied to by different sources and my own assumptions, Borderlands 2 will either re-use or improve the points I specified, as well as add some more cool stuff in too. What's not to like?

It looks to me, although of course I can't be sure, they've improved the story. Not that the story was bad in terms of it being poorly written or unrewarding - it is just hard to follow. I would put this down to the lack of cutscenes personally.. But whatever they do to try and improve isn't 100% relevant, I will adore this game either way and I know it.

Other than that, they've just improved on what was already awesome; MORE skills, MORE guns, MORE customization.

That is all for now. I shall be playing I Shall Remain with Kyle now.

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