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Jenraux Jan 26 2015, 4:19am replied:

This page will most likely be archived, as I want a clean slate for when I change my approach to game making.

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Jenraux Sep 28 2014, 2:42pm replied:

Hey, thanks.

My current focus is on singleplayer, as I need to get that working before multiplayer can be added, so multiplayer will not be fully functioning when the alpha launches.

Jobs were removed a few months ago because I felt the game started up too slow. In its current state, you start off with a small business, which you manage to build up and buy more businesses and properties, so you can expand your company and start influencing the game world.

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Jenraux Aug 13 2014, 5:08pm says:

Tough between engine license or publishing, but I went with publishing.

Hopefully because publishing will lead to more exposure, which leads to more money, which gets you engine licenses.

Given that engines like GM and Unity have free versions, I think most people can make their dream game without spending a fortune on engine licenses, it's more for things like publishing to other platforms (Android and iOS for example) that the engine licenses get you.

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Jenraux Jul 16 2014, 6:10am replied:

I don't believe Windows has drivers for PS3 controllers. Although I believe Mac does.

You can use a program like MotionInJoy to make a PS3 controller be recognized as an Xbox 360 controller and use it that way.

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Jenraux Jul 13 2014, 5:57pm replied:

Thanks. :)

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Jenraux Jun 28 2014, 12:05pm replied:

It was originally planned when there was jobs in the game. But as the player will start out with some form of business, you'll probably have your own transportation. But I plan for there to be busses driving around, possibly carrying NPC's. And if people really want it, I guess I could add players being able to use them.

Trains on the other hand are used by business owners anyway, so they might make an appearance depending on how large the map gets.

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Jenraux Jun 27 2014, 12:15pm replied:

Not all details about gameplay have been decided yet. I'd like to get the basics done and then worry about adding different ways to play the game.

But maybe?

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Jenraux Jun 27 2014, 5:44am says:

Looks amazing, I'll back you on greenlight. :)

And thanks for not abandoning this, been following for a long time now, and I was pretty sure this project was dead.

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Jenraux Jun 14 2014, 4:46pm replied:

Thanks, had a feeling you'd be first to comment :)

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Jenraux Jun 1 2014, 12:03pm replied:

When the Pre-Alpha launches at a later date, there will be a paid version that entitles you to updates, and a free version that anyone can download and play, but won't be updated.

For the moment, testing is only done by family and close friends.

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Jenraux May 19 2014, 3:43am replied:

The game is made with XNA, which natively only supports Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone.

You could try using WINE or some other form of running Windows executables on OSX.

According to the WINE app database, Pokemon3D has run on Linux using WINE. However IIRC, the Mac port of WINE isn't as good as the Linux one.

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Jenraux May 18 2014, 2:57pm replied:

I removed jobs from the game as I felt the start of the game was too slow and uneventful. Instead you start off with a small business that you manage to earn money.

The market can fluctuate for businesses, to make it so adjustments are necessary.

Businesses will be the primary way of earning money, but I would like to add additional ways. I tested vehicle time trials out, which may or may not feature in the game.

But I do plan for there to be a variety of businesses, not just shops, I'll have to see how difficult it would be to add more business types, but it's something I am looking into.

Given the scope of the game, businesses are probably the only way to earn enough cash to get anywhere, you can't buy a Ferrari working in an ordinary job.

In multiplayer games as well, the target goal would probably be £500,000 worth of assets for a short game, so businesses would be needed. If it started off with jobs, you'd be playing for hours to reach any meaningful sum of money.

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Jenraux May 18 2014, 2:39pm replied:

Price is undecided, but it will be a low amount.

Read this news article for info on the pre-alpha:

There might be a few extra things added in not listed there, as I'm still working on it and I like to throw in some additions here and there, such as the new car revealed today.

If you have anything specific you would like to know about the pre-alpha, just ask.

+2 votes   news: Update for April 2014: Optimizations, Sound improvements and Items
Jenraux May 18 2014, 2:21pm replied:

Rather than donating, you can just buy the pre-alpha when it releases, you'll get access to the pre-alpha and all updates up to and including Version 1.0.

Unless by "Donating" you meant buying the Pre-Alpha version. :)

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Jenraux May 18 2014, 2:11pm replied:

Sorry, the testing will be private, when the pre-alpha releases, there will be paid and free versions, so you can still test for free when it becomes public. The time between me giving testers a copy and the pre-alpha releasing will probably be short, unless major issues are found.

The pre-alpha will have saving and loading, supporting multiple saves per computer. Whether or not these saves will be able to be kept up until the final release, I can't say, but I will try and make it so you won't have to restart your game.

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Jenraux May 18 2014, 1:28pm replied:

Pre-Alpha I'm aiming for a June 2014 release. But it depends if I'm happy with how the game is at that point.

Full game, hard to say, probably not in 2014, but purchasing the pre-alpha gets you access to frequent updates up to the final release.

I don't really need testers at the moment, I have some close friends who will be testing along with myself shortly before the pre-alpha release, when everyone can have a go with the game.

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Jenraux May 18 2014, 1:26pm replied:

Thanks Andy.

Hope Gavin's Quest is going ok for you. :)

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Jenraux May 18 2014, 1:25pm replied:

I'm reluctant to add crime, we'll see how it goes, but there wouldn't be violent crime in the game etc.

I'm not sure what you mean by clubs? Night clubs or... guilds? :D

If you mean this for multiplayer, I'm not aiming for an MMO experience with the multiplayer, more like a 2-8 player game with players competing to get rich. Of course I would like to make server controls as customizable as possible, allowing players to change things more to their liking, including player limits and target goals.

As for an ETA, it's hard to say, I would like to get a pre-alpha out in June, but it depends if I can get it to a point where I'm happy to release it to the public. You can read more about it in the previous news article about the Pre-Alpha.

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Jenraux May 7 2014, 8:16am says:

There will be a free version of the pre-alpha launching alongside the paid version. They'll be identical at first, but the paid version will receive bug fixes and feature updates while the free version won't be updated. :)

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Jenraux Apr 27 2014, 3:56am replied:

Ok, Thank you. :)

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Jenraux Apr 26 2014, 7:26am replied:

Ok, thanks for your input. :)

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Jenraux Apr 20 2014, 3:05pm replied:

Don't be fooled into thinking I didn't try a more dynamic system that handles itself, but ultimately it was more accurate and quicker to add the data manually instead of trying to make it handle itself, which wasn't working.

An A* algorithm would have been simpler to add for pathfinding, but it's also very resource intensive, it's doubtful that the Game Maker engine could handle something as complex as that on this scale.

+2 votes   news: Update for March 2014: Further AI progress, Removal of Jobs, Multiplayer Ideas
Jenraux Mar 28 2014, 4:06pm says:

Game Maker, purely because I have a lot of experience with it, and I'm too lazy to spend a load of time learning something else. :D

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Jenraux Mar 17 2014, 5:43am replied:

Thanks, I hope so. :)

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Jenraux Feb 10 2014, 4:46am replied:

I'll consider a stock market, but might be too in-depth for me. :D

There isn't a Casino, but there is an Arcade where you can pay small amounts of money and play mini-games on the machines.

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Jenraux Jan 19 2014, 11:41am replied:

Yeah I haven't added doors yet, I'll get around to it at some point, but I want to do something with the walls first.

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Jenraux Jan 13 2014, 5:48am replied:

It uses the Game Maker Language (GML) that GM uses.

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Jenraux Jan 13 2014, 5:48am replied:

It's a large game, so if there ever was multiplayer, it wouldn't be in the near future.

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Jenraux Jan 12 2014, 6:19am replied:

Cooking and Driving exam are already planned for the game at some point. :)

I actually had never even thought of motorbikes, although I had planned for bikes to be a cheaper mode of transport than cars.

I'll have to think if I could fit sports in somewhere and give it some purpose.

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