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jdnttr Jan 18 2010, 6:52am says:

Submitted to the contest :3
I really like the tower defence concept.

Hope I win duh.

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jdnttr Jan 13 2010, 8:17am says:

I tried it, it s pretty playable, anyway I prefere Mario Kart Wii.
But I think you should improve the Netcode :3

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jdnttr Jan 10 2010, 11:54am says:

Idea: Adrenalin
Ability: Passive
Pro: If a Necro is low on health the adrenalin flows trough his body giving him increasing moving speed and damage to get a last chance to attack an human before dying
Cons: While the Necro is affected due to adrenalin his view will be limited by tunnel view.

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jdnttr Jan 10 2010, 8:53am buried:


Idea: Parasite Spitting
Ability Type: Special
Pro: He can spit parasites out of his mouth in a range of maybe 15 feets which causes 20% of less moving speed losing 5 Healthpoints every secon for a timeline of 5 seconds.
Con: Necro can t move while spitting and is a easy target.
Parasite spitting just works once in 1 minute.

-5 votes   news: The Rising MOD - $40 Steam game competition! (Two possible winners!)
jdnttr Jan 7 2010, 4:52pm says:

Ailbrea : Artificial Intelligent Lifeform Built for Rushing and Efficient Assassination

Also Ailbrea comes from the word "Jailbreak" just without the starting and ending letter :3
Anyway great work, I really like your mod.

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jdnttr Jan 7 2010, 3:30pm says:

I spread the word! :D
Great work developers.

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