Young indie developer looking to make some kwl games (no duh). Im new to the scene so you won't have heard of me or any of my previous works because there isn't any. I have this game idea I have been working on called SlipSpace, its pretty ambitious so check it out! : )

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Hello to all who bother looking here.

I have a company called NanoRav, its an indie games development company. I've made a few apps/games before for iOS (iphone and ipad). Most of them are horrific, but I am proud of one called 'Elevate', took me 3 weeks of pretty much non stop work, and barely anyone plays it. Quite depressing.

But thats not why im here and I definately do not want to introduce you to it. I decided to move on to computer game development! Why? Because there is a lot more freedom available to be creative, thats why. A few quickly failed ideas and I quickly came up with a new one, one that I have now been working on for almost 2 months. Its called Slipspace and for a 1 man studio is quite ambitious. But I have the easy to use 'Game-maker' program to lend me its physics, graphics and multiplayer engine/code to help things move along a lot faster. If your bored allready and just want to check up on the game then head over to my NanoRav page and go through to SlipSpace from there.

Otherwise Ill talk a little bit more about me.

18 years old and having left Sixth form (college in american?) I was wondering...what next, well after a very turbulent 2 months I ended up moving to North Yorkshire and living with 2 flatmates, self-employed as a game developer. App sales were dwindling so I had to get something started soon.

I came up with the idea for SlipSpace by stopping everything and just feeling what kind of game would I like to play, a top down space shooter came into mind, I quickly expanded it to a sandbox, no one really enjoys those older top down linear space shooters. Obviously there was a coding block for the epicness of a true large world sandbox (like skyrim) so I came up with the next best thing, multiple large sandbox areas, split apart by wrapping boundaries.

The user can travel between the areas using another interface but then at least each 'area' was indivdual and the code/objects could be focused on and contained. I also really liked the idea of 'docking' either to a space station or to a larger ship and so that was an obvious addition to make, but what if the player could actually walk around those ships/stations, well it would add a whole other game into the mix. Maybe tough to work with, but I really liked the thought of playing that kind of game, so lets throw it in there!

The rest was relatively easy, people like variety and choice and progression, so have a shop system, with money earned from the universe, either mining asteroids, or blowing up enemy ships or plundering space stations, buy new ships, weapons, devices upgrades etc. I quickly established that the amount of these purchasable items would have to be large, and some system of personalising the ships would also be necessary, creativity within a game and making something unique compared with other people is an awesome feature I have enjoyed from other games.

Finally, and quite worryingly (hope thats a word), I said to myself it couldn't be much more awesome unless you had your friends flying alongside you. So I added 4 player coop/pvp multiplayer to the mix. That will be the last feature I work on for obvious reasons, and there are no promises, it could be 2 player, it could be 16 players, or none at all. Well just have to wait I guess, but Ill give it a damn good try.

Anyway, thats me and thats my idea. Head over to the SlipSpace page through NanoRav for images, videos and more info.


I'm looking to have a graphics artist redraw and create pretty much everything in the game. I gave it a good whirl but unfortunately im just not that great. I really like the idea of the game and If im going to be putting in a near years worth of effort to one single game, then i want it to be the sexiest looking thing I've ever seen.

I'm looking for a smooth pixel art style/theme, a mix between pokemon and pineapple smash crew one might say. Look on the Slipspace page for more info or just contact me through Indie DB (I don't know how it works) or email me at

Best thing to do would be to include a concept or a fully drawn space ship of your own creation. If your just looking for more information about the job then no worries, hit me up anyway.


Music artists of the universe, if you would like to see your music (a large quantity prefably) in the game then email me as well. I also tried doing that, but the stuff I do doesn't really fit the theme I'm going for. Which btw I haven't really got a clue what is, so take a look at the game and come up with your own. :p

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SlipSpace Studios is a 2 man indie development team producing a new game called SlipSpace. Thats about it really. :P

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