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jaymorrow Sep 25 2013, 3:43pm replied:

Thanks man,I would buy you a couple of beers if you lived in romania. I kinda changed my mind about the reticles because they are verry close in apparence to the real ones and I dont use those weapons anyway, I'm more into russian shooteis and i'm also at my gf until i cant touch my pc till then,tho i would love to mod the reticles at a degree where they keep the original shape and only the thikness and the colours of the lines would be altered,I'm also going to upload the compatibility patch for cop conplete,i have to test all the weapons and items once more to be sure everything works and looks fine

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jaymorrow Sep 25 2013, 9:27am replied:

Copy/pasting configs from other mods/vanilla will lead to game crash in 99% of the atempts and thats mostly because of the differen paths/names used by the sound files atributed to eache weapon config file

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jaymorrow Sep 25 2013, 5:57am replied:

I have a question for you populik: where are the texture files of the aimed down scopes located? Because i would like to change the reticles of the fn2000 scope and the susat scope,and I would also like to know wich software do you recomand for doing that?

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jaymorrow Sep 25 2013, 3:54am replied:

Thanks for the reply,I alredy fixed the weapon stats indicator,and also did a rebalaceing to match the stats from complete, I will try merging the icon files later today,thanks again!And If you're ok with it I could also upload the modified files for complete and share them here

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jaymorrow Sep 24 2013, 2:08pm says:

I say it again,nice work! but I discovered some minor problem, the accuracy and firerate indicator its full for allmost evey weapon...could it be because I added this mod on top of complete or its just an undiscovered fault?and also the sleeping bag I had in the inventory it became invisible :P its there but it does not have an icon anymore.Could sombody give me some indications on how to solve this problems? thanks

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jaymorrow Sep 24 2013, 12:04pm replied:

just add the atmosfear compatibility pach and it should work,i had the same problem and that`s how i solved it. the mode i had initially instaled was "complete" wtich has the atmosfear mod in it if i`m not mistakeing,so it makes sense in my case, good luck and thanks for the awesome work populik!

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jaymorrow Feb 14 2013, 6:29pm says:

its a pitty you changed the engine for this game/mod...source looks awesome and feels awesome while can virtualy run well on almost any pc.the new engine you are using is verry similar to cryengine "dont know which" which if set to high visual settings runs slow,especially with aa on...without it on,looks like sh!t.

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jaymorrow Jan 16 2013, 6:11am says:

Hi guys!this project is one of the best i've seen around here.
Thing is i'm also a 2d designer myself,i have a decent a level of experience drawing this sort of mutants and zombies and also a high amount of imagination :D,so if you guys need some ideas from outside i am more than happy to help!

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