Great fan of J.R.R Tolkien, his books and the wonderful world he created. On my spare time I listen to classical music, read books and play video games.

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0 comments by Edrahil on Nov 13th, 2013

Hey, my name's Jamie and I live here up in the cold, northern lands of Finland. I'm a huge Tolkien fan, I've read all his books about Middle-earth and I've seen all the movies so far (the "new" ones by P. Jackson). The movies are great, but not as good as the books though ;) Peter Jackson did do a good job with the visuals of the battles and the cities as well as many other things. But he did leave some very interesting if not important scenes out from the movies.. anyone who read the books may remember Tom Bombadil - who is at least to me - a very interesting character, with a great role to perform as well.. and what about Saruman and his bandits at the Shire? Well, enough of that.. (read them books!)

Continuing on the movies.. Howard Shore did a remarkable job on the music score for the movies. Sometimes when I listen through the OST, each track reminds me of the scene it was playing on. But I guess everyone who's seen the movies has the same thing :) Anyway, I don't even know why am I writing this stuff. Probably because I want to liven up my profile page..?

Yeah.. feel free to add me to your friends if you feel like it. Cheers

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