Born in former CSSR in the 70ies, Ivan Ertlov grew up as Johann Ertl in Lower Austria. During grammar school, he managed to sell his first games (mostly adventures for C64) to DiscMags. In the mid-90ies, Ivan Ertlov was among the best render Artists in Austria with his shows "Welcome to the Cyberspace" and "Atomic City" being shown at the Knight Games events with hundreds of thousands of visitors. As travellign journalist, Ivan created the docs "Rockin USA" and "Adventure Down under". After several years of studying, DJ-ing and journalism, with an obscure degree earned, Ivan became a teacher in Lower Austria. He managed to survive the kids and pupils for five months before going back into media business as Online Writer for the JoWooD AG, developer and publisher of the "Giant" and publisher of Gothic. With his own label "Homegrown Games" Ivan created two independent developed games being shipped worldwide before quitting JoWooD in 2009 and focussing on Indie Game making alone.

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...I wrote Games for the C64. Yeah, we are talking about the late 80ies here, and I was still a child then. I became an editor, a DJ, an agricultural engineer, a psychologist and a teacher later (approx. in that order) before I returned to games. Most of the time working as PR / CM whore for major publishers, I always had my intentions to make small indy games. And in late 2006 I got back to that, with a C-Movie-styled horror trash based upon HPL. Needless to say, I played the mainchar myself. And the video cutscenes were for sure the best thing to say about the game..., some years later, having had shipped games world wide and done really interesting 3rd party for some majors, I`m more serious back into indy developement.

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