Hi there, i am a keep modder / map maker for a variety of games, but i tend to focus on detailed reviews of mods and games, if you like a mod or a game but you are not sure what its like or if it is worth it i would be willing to try out nearly every game or mod that you ask, however in my spare time i like to design models and concept designs. I am willing to help out fellow modders with models, maps and even graphics, so just send me an email and ill be glad to help out any way i can. Also if you are experiencing problems with a game, or mods for a game i will try to help fix it, or guide you to a support service (that actually does help)

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[ITM]hammie Jun 26 2014, 12:52pm replied:

erm... in that case ill start the previous mission again and go into it through that, as the shipyard Nabaal never arrives, and the objective says to build a shipyard, so i think it maybe an old campaign glitch in HW2, it happened to me once before and that's how i solved it, ill keep you updated

+1 vote   download: Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.8
[ITM]hammie Jun 25 2014, 2:48pm says:

ok for some reason when i get to the mission 'counter attack', i can repair the dreadnaughts engines, however it will not complete the dock objective, it will actually dock and repair, but the objective doesnt get complete, i tried multiple times using multiple shipyards to do it, but the objectives still wont complete, also i cant seem to damage the enemy shipyard in this mission, its completely immune, any help?

+1 vote   download: Homeworld 2 Complex Simple 2.8
[ITM]hammie Apr 1 2014, 8:19am says:

ahh i used to love crate systems, do i...dont i...what if someone else gets it...

+1 vote   media: Work In Progress: Crate System! (HWAT model)
[ITM]hammie Mar 31 2014, 6:35am says:

ok when i try to use HW2 updated to 1.1 on its own it runs fine, when i try to use complex, or the sister mod (complex simple) i doubleclick the shortcut, the hard-drive starts up, and the mouse changes to a loading icon, but then does nothing, nothing opens.

I have watched the taskmanager in processes, and it starts but then just disappears.


+1 vote   download: Complex 9.1
[ITM]hammie Feb 6 2014, 9:28am replied:

i like a difficult campaign, but then i know less skilled people who want to play the game more relaxed, and would like the option to choose a harder campaign/skirmish or not

+2 votes   media: Miscellaneous: Campaign List (So Far)
[ITM]hammie Oct 24 2013, 12:35pm says:


0 votes   article: On the tendency of varieties to depart indefinitely from the original type
[ITM]hammie Sep 8 2013, 5:33pm says:

awesome work man, cant wait till the next releace

+2 votes   media: Blackhawk In-game
[ITM]hammie Aug 13 2013, 2:54am says:

oooh, i like this one, very nice

+1 vote   media: New Map
[ITM]hammie Aug 5 2013, 11:16am says:

hmm, a blank canvas, this gives so much potential to the creative mind

+1 vote   media: China Napalm Turret
[ITM]hammie Jul 8 2013, 8:23am replied:

same for me, i cant build a ship or it crashes, ill send you the error message when it next happens, but good to know this mod is still up and kicking, if it helps you, the unit icons are still standard, but i don't know if you have done them or not

+5 votes   article: Alpha release v.012
[ITM]hammie Jul 7 2013, 7:24am replied:

thats awesome man, by the way have you managed to get functioning gates yet, i know its a minor thing but if you have it will really help me for making a recreation of the TS campaign for TE

+1 vote   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
[ITM]hammie Jun 24 2013, 6:29am says:

i cant wait to use this map, what player and size is it, as it looks amazing

+1 vote   media: New Map
[ITM]hammie Jun 24 2013, 6:29am says:

that's a cool idea

+1 vote   media: Super Heavy Force Field
[ITM]hammie May 28 2013, 7:58am says:

i know that it will not be a playable version in the next release or two, but do you plan it to be later on?

+5 votes   media: GloboTech: Sidebar
[ITM]hammie May 16 2013, 8:51am replied:

hmm i suspect its a foothold situation, where Nod has taken control of a GDI fort and you need to regain control and then push back the Nod base, (completely out of the blue)?

+1 vote   media: Campaign: GDI Mission 11 Preview
[ITM]hammie May 9 2013, 3:55am says:

thats an amazing shot, could use that as a wallpaper

+1 vote   media: skirmish
[ITM]hammie Apr 30 2013, 2:55am says:

i must say this background actually goes really well with these models

+1 vote   media: New Map (PTV model)
[ITM]hammie Apr 27 2013, 3:31pm says:

nice, and for the portraits you can just ask someone to make one

+1 vote   media: Zone Predator Tank
[ITM]hammie Apr 26 2013, 2:53am replied:

it still amazes me how one person can do all of this, and mostly from just notepad, you must know coding inside and out.
Anyway with the progenitors, will they basically be high damage and dangerous units with poor engines and maneuverability, as i think that would suit them well, for how the vanilla game portrays them?

+1 vote   media: New Race (PTV models)
[ITM]hammie Apr 25 2013, 3:31am says:

love the back ground, and whats that progenitor ship in the middle supposed to be, i cant quite tell

+1 vote   media: New Race (PTV models)
[ITM]hammie Apr 13 2013, 2:46pm says:

oh hells yes, ok pal, and generally vanilla is used to describe the factions of the standard games or just anything to do with the standard 'plain' game, it was a battle between hiigaran and vager, very pretty too

+1 vote   media: Complex Simple Video Quest
[ITM]hammie Apr 13 2013, 9:01am says:

had an awesome moment not long ago i wish i recoded, in a typical vanilla factions fight and watched it from the side on, and it looked epic as they were basically fighters frigates and destroyers, and watching the fighters dance around each other while the big guns opened fire, exchanging shells and missiles was beautiful, ill try to get another one like that for you

+1 vote   media: Complex Simple Video Quest
[ITM]hammie Apr 10 2013, 11:06am says:


hmm...well id say the trade scene looks pretty good today

+1 vote   media: Traffic Jam
[ITM]hammie Apr 10 2013, 4:43am replied:

never mind, i got it working, cant belive how simple the solution was

0 votes   mod: Kane's Wrath Enhanced
[ITM]hammie Apr 10 2013, 4:35am says:

Hey guys can anyone help me, i have used mods alot so i usually know what i am doing but i just can not figure out how to mod kanes wrath, i have downloaded and extracted the kanes wrath ed anywhere as it says but i see no file to run it, dont even know how it works, i really want to review this mod but i just cant seem to get any working
any help?

+1 vote   mod: Kane's Wrath Enhanced
[ITM]hammie Apr 2 2013, 11:51am replied:

i too would love to know how you got the normal C&C3 map into kanes wrath as it love to edit some of the campaign maps, where did you find it

+1 vote   media: Anti-Tank Squads
[ITM]hammie Mar 19 2013, 11:39am says:

i like this, id love to see more low orbit ones/in the atmosphere like this, as it looks cool

+1 vote   media: Air Combat
[ITM]hammie Mar 14 2013, 4:24am replied:

i agree, these should both be in the next release

+1 vote   media: Map: Pig of Bays [6] (Remastered 2013)
[ITM]hammie Mar 13 2013, 7:44am says:

i assume that's from a space ship, not planetary, right?

+1 vote   media: Upgradable Special Abilities with New FX
[ITM]hammie Mar 5 2013, 1:30pm replied:

ahh, i like it, i think that would suit them well, keep up the good work man

+1 vote   media: Mars Express
[ITM]hammie Mar 5 2013, 2:57am says:

cool model, but what exactly is it?

+1 vote   media: Mars Express
[ITM]hammie Feb 28 2013, 3:11am replied:

i have to agree with that, even though it looks much more realistic i believe that the gun could be just that tiny bit bigger, I'm no artillery expert so i cant suggest an appropriate one to use, either way, very nice work

+3 votes   media: PLC-09 "Nuke cannon"
[ITM]hammie Nov 4 2012, 6:14am says:

OMG, is this mod going to be converted for rebellion?

+5 votes   media: Rebellion Codex Project
[ITM]hammie Oct 12 2012, 8:46am replied:

i think all they need to do is have one side a bit smaller, and then it will look like one, but keep the block like feel of minecraft

+3 votes   media: Anvils
[ITM]hammie Oct 8 2012, 5:39am replied:

this mod i believe must bee reaching its limits, its fantastic, the only thing that could make this better would be to have the wall hubs as component tower like in TS, apart from that, this mod is going sway further than any other mod has done

+6 votes   media: Tiberium Essence 1.52
[ITM]hammie Oct 2 2012, 10:05am says:

that looks reall coll, man i like your style

+1 vote   media: Hell March
[ITM]hammie Oct 2 2012, 10:04am says:

oh wow, i just saw all the updates i had and thought, hmm i wish ROTR would be released, and then saw what they were, absolutely over the moon, im downloading now and will change my review accordingly

+5 votes   download: 1.72 Release
[ITM]hammie Aug 21 2012, 4:35am replied:

totally agree man, its like having all these survival maps, yes thy are pretty much the same thing, and some even look almost identical, but they are just the people with the same idea making something everyone likes, and this is just the same concept

+2 votes   media: Corner stairs - test
[ITM]hammie Aug 21 2012, 4:32am replied:

i have to admit the old one looked way better, but like Aro said, it really couldn't hit a moving target, they were the easiest things to kill

+1 vote   media: Nod: 'Viper' Drone (New)
[ITM]hammie Aug 17 2012, 6:39pm replied:

i must admit i can see both sides to this, i do understand that they only did leather because it can be died, however they could introduce paints for other metal Armour, still there could be more in future by the looks of this

+4 votes   media: Dyable Armour/collars for wolves
[ITM]hammie Aug 1 2012, 8:00am replied:

i know what you mean, i have always seen mine-craft as a retro survival game and i enjoy the maps like sky-block and survival island, but i can also see how map makers would like it

+8 votes   media: Adventure Mode Control Block
[ITM]hammie Jul 25 2012, 9:19am replied:

ahh fair enough, basically its how complicated it is, either way fantastic model, cant wit for next release

+1 vote   media: GDI Anti-Air Battery
[ITM]hammie Jul 24 2012, 7:25pm replied:

hmm... both seem good, but i would suggest keeping with the conventional rail-gun upgrade so that it would be easier to upgrade, either way the design looks fantastic, but i have to ask what is the trigon count on this model as it looks realy retailed

+3 votes   media: GDI Anti-Air Battery
[ITM]hammie Jun 23 2012, 12:11pm replied:

i agree with Gregthegen

+1 vote   article: Ok, I'm putting this to a vote.
[ITM]hammie Jun 10 2012, 6:22am says:

what software do you use to put this piece together?

+1 vote   media: Black Ice 9 - Opening of the Gates
[ITM]hammie May 15 2012, 10:32am says:

wow, id love to see the expression on the guys face who is watching them come at him :O

+1 vote   media: Run Forrest Run!
[ITM]hammie Feb 17 2012, 7:27am says:

dam that looks epic, however that mcv must have been taking a risk
keep up the good work helge!

+2 votes   media: February 12th Update, 500k viewers.
[ITM]hammie Feb 17 2012, 3:33am says:

so what do you mean by some content, do you mean the models that are completly finnished or other types of content

+2 votes   download: C&C3 Reloaded Source Code
[ITM]hammie Feb 14 2012, 4:56pm says:

haha i like it

+4 votes   media: Crowd Control
[ITM]hammie Jan 24 2012, 6:07am says:

now thats cool man ias sometimes you really cant spair any collectors, not to mention how easily they are killed, that is a fantastic idea

+1 vote   media: Vaygr Battlefield Engineer (Peacemaker)
[ITM]hammie Jan 20 2012, 4:33am says:

cool man this map looks just amazing

+1 vote   media: New Map
[ITM]hammie Jan 4 2012, 2:48am replied:

just think mars in the future will eventually decay but its decayed parts will still orbit around it which could be like gas rings

+1 vote   media: New Map
[ITM]hammie Dec 24 2011, 12:33pm says:

you have an artistic look to these photos man that would look epic without the health bars

+1 vote   media: new weapons
[ITM]hammie Dec 21 2011, 3:12am replied:

i agree they should have the Blackhawk but they should also have the Chinook, as they are both commonly used, and i love that "we spent too much time with battlefield 3, i guesss their inspirations, however that isnt quite right yet itself as it still got over 350 bugs that have officialy been recorded (but thats including even the barly noticable glitches which even i didnt know of)

+1 vote   article: v0.3 Release
[ITM]hammie Dec 13 2011, 3:05am says:

well i must ask do you get all the structures in the pic and have a modified, as i recognise them and the terain features from another mod, i hope you have permision to use them

+3 votes   download: Tiberian Sun: UMP
[ITM]hammie Nov 12 2011, 2:53am replied:


+3 votes   media: GDI M-28 Mammoth Railgun upgrade
[ITM]hammie Nov 9 2011, 11:18am replied:

ok i have to admid it does look good in the game, is there any way you can use both, for example someone on a previouse post (cant remember who sry) suggested to have this or old one as the tank for the mutants, in my opinion if you do that id say for this one to go for mutants as it looks eviler, and moer rugged

+2 votes   media: GDI M-28 Mammoth
[ITM]hammie Nov 9 2011, 11:13am replied:

dont get me wrong guys i didnt say there was a problem, i was simply trying to say that the models fit that well that it looks like he has done more work than he has, either way good work man i think we all love it

+1 vote   media: GDI V-35H Orca Carryall
[ITM]hammie Nov 6 2011, 7:11am replied:

holy ****, if i saw them coming to my base id drop bricks
they look ace man, however i must ask is the closest one carrying a disruptor and if so have you got an animation that drops the disrupter pannel or something as i thought it would be appearing through the model as that pannel thing is quite big

+3 votes   media: GDI V-35H Orca Carryall
[ITM]hammie Oct 31 2011, 5:09pm replied:

DUDE WE HAVE SOOO MISSED YOU (not to sound wierd) we have been wondering if the mod was dead, well here is our answer thankyou man

+4 votes   media: Tiberium Essence Logo
[ITM]hammie Oct 16 2011, 12:29pm replied:

cant wait till next releace

+2 votes   article: A new decision for a new outcome
[ITM]hammie Sep 17 2011, 9:42am replied:

oh yes thats awsome by the way are you adding more chouces of house colour to them as it may be better for snow maps

+1 vote   media: GDI Vehicles, in the white.
[ITM]hammie Sep 16 2011, 5:01pm replied:

i love this new effect however i belive that it would be better if it was more transparrent however the rest is epic

+2 votes   media: GDI Disruptor and Predator tanks
[ITM]hammie Sep 15 2011, 4:13pm replied:

i think thats a good idea too however have the beams a bit brighter on the blue and have a sort of 'rail gun FX' around the outside as a sort of confinement beam thingy otherwise looks epic

+1 vote   media: GDI Disruptor FXes
[ITM]hammie Sep 14 2011, 11:21am replied:

i belive you should have somthing thats like the TS beam but have it like the one in the cut scene when the banshees are goung to land in that secret base as that looks epic and would suit it well

+1 vote   media: GDI Disruptors preparing to fire
[ITM]hammie Sep 13 2011, 9:22am says:

nah keep it as c&c 3 as the campaign in the c&c 3 is way better than the one in Kanes wrath

+2 votes   article: Monday Update 3 for KW Reloaded
[ITM]hammie Sep 8 2011, 3:21pm replied:

im loving the look you are giving to GDI it suits the high tech attributes perfectly keep up the good work man and cant wait till the next releace (please be soon!!!!!)

+2 votes   media: GDI Barracks
[ITM]hammie Sep 5 2011, 8:17am replied:

your work is absolutly stunning man anyidea on the next releace as this is epic so far man

+2 votes   media: Directional Armor
[ITM]hammie Sep 4 2011, 11:59am replied:

how the hell do you do it man ive never seen a C&C3 mod create models with textures and damagemodels that go so well

+2 votes   media: GDI Aircraft damage models
[ITM]hammie Aug 25 2011, 1:55pm replied:

agreed this mod looks epic i just cant wait till its finnished

+1 vote   media: GDI Air Field
[ITM]hammie Aug 25 2011, 3:02am says:

oh hells yer, keep up the good work guys do you have a rough idea of when the next releace would be as this mod is epic!!!!

+2 votes   media: Remember the Titans
[ITM]hammie Aug 3 2011, 4:35am replied:

totally agree always enjoy the city based maps

+2 votes   media: Epsilon City (2-6)
[ITM]hammie Jul 24 2011, 4:30pm says:

thats peritty cool so it can now defenditself better can the gun attack aircraft too?

+3 votes   media: Kirov MkII (plus gun!)
[ITM]hammie Jul 22 2011, 6:17pm says:

haha cool that looks mint

+1 vote   media: ss
[ITM]hammie Jul 19 2011, 4:11pm says:

??? what is that meant to be looks good but what is it

-4 votes   media: Tremor
[ITM]hammie Jul 18 2011, 3:50am replied:

so when is the next god damd releace this looks epic you can still just releace it as a beta for us to test
please please please !!!

-4 votes   media: GDI Grenadier Squad
[ITM]hammie Jul 8 2011, 4:28pm buried:


although it still suits the sleak appearance of nod and looks epic too
please be soo or ill cry lol

-5 votes   media: Nod Avatar War Mech
[ITM]hammie Jun 26 2011, 4:33pm says:

can the titan be upgraded with a second gun and also will all these changes be put in to the world builder (i know a bit of a split question)

+1 vote   media: Steel Talons gameplay 2
[ITM]hammie Jun 26 2011, 4:14pm replied:

i agree seems more realistic

+1 vote   media: GDI Carryall and Nod V-Ox Transport
[ITM]hammie Jun 21 2011, 11:13am replied:

dude that looks perfect you are fantastic at making the texture for these units especially the kodiak/battlecruiser thing for GDI

+2 votes   media: Nod Marauder Buggy
[ITM]hammie Jun 14 2011, 3:05am replied:

looks better than that one in red alert 2 just from the consept image

+1 vote   media: allies grand cannon concept
[ITM]hammie Jun 9 2011, 4:28am replied:

you spoke my words

+1 vote   media: FX
[ITM]hammie Jun 9 2011, 4:17am replied:

lol i thought that these images were for the previouse version lol so i felt stupid when i read the title

+1 vote   media: FX v1.87 Spoilers
[ITM]hammie Jun 9 2011, 4:12am replied:

ive seen this in the FX mod, so it is comon sence that the FX mod and the FX empire mod are the same dont you think???

+1 vote   media: [21-5-'10] FX:E - Work In Progress
[ITM]hammie Jun 8 2011, 7:33am replied:

one word for it


+1 vote   media: Venus
[ITM]hammie Jun 8 2011, 7:31am replied:

ive played other mods like this aswell man it all works think out of the box you will soon understand

+1 vote   media: new Higi Powerstation
[ITM]hammie Jun 8 2011, 7:27am replied:

what do you mean needs finishing up all you current models look stunning already keep up the good work man this looks awsome

+4 votes   media: GDI Stryker
[ITM]hammie Jun 8 2011, 3:49am says:

ive been watching this mod for a while now and it looks amazing keep up the good work

+1 vote   download: FX v1.86
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