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Posted by ithilienranger732 on Apr 5th, 2009

Calenardhon has stood empty for many years, but the descendants of Eorl have returned once more to take their rightful place as rulers. Theoden, King of Rohan, leads his armies to the east from the fortress of Helm's Deep, while Eomer expands north, Gamling west, and Erkenbrand south. Their empire building is interrupted by the Dourhands, a race of dwarves subservient to Sauron. Using Mordor as their fenced land, they defeat Theoden's army in the bloody battle of Fangorn. However, Erkenbrand's army returns soon enough to prevent a slaughter, and Rohan is Theoden's once again. Encouraged by this victory, the Rohirrim press southeast, driving the Dourhand armies before them. Gamling and Erkenbrand corner the Dourhand king south of the Morgai, forcing him to surrender. Although a band of Dourhands holes up in the ancient fortress of Minas Ithil, Theoden bypasses them and, cutting his way through the Morannon, delivers a devestating blow to the heart of the Dourhand empire. Demoralized by the destruction of their capital, the Dourhands surrender.

Translation: Well, this was one war that took a lot shorter than I expected. There were only two major battles: Erkenbrand vs. Gloin and Brand at Cair Andros, and Theoden vs. Gimli in Fangorn. During the first battle, I fought a highly successful defensive action. Having upgraded all of my troops and constructed a small army of Ents, I proceeded to an all-out attack on the enemy base. And I died, because RJ Ents are pathetic. So, I sent in Treebeard. (Who died.) And also another Treebeard. (Who also died.) And then I sent in a second round of cavalry and a full army, and this time I won. During the second battle, Gimli stormed my base and killed Theoden and both of my builders before I could get a fortress set up. Left with only two farms, an archery range, and a tower, I battled bravely on, defeating hundreds of dwarves before they finally managed to snuff me. When Gimli attacked Isengard, he broke upon the fortress like water on a rock, and since all of their other troops had been destroyed with Gloin and Brand I managed to completely obliterate them for the remainder of the war without having to lift a finger more in real-time. How boring; and I didn't even bother to take screenshots. What faction do y'all want for the next war?

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JethCalark Apr 5 2009 says:

Shucks about the length....was hoping for something epic.

surprise us!

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ithilienranger732 Author
ithilienranger732 Apr 6 2009 replied:

Fair enough... *looks around in a shifty manner*

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JethCalark Apr 6 2009 says:

Oh, no, what have I done?!! *imagines a bloody four way battle*

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ithilienranger732 Author
ithilienranger732 Apr 6 2009 replied:

How did you...

My wonderful...

How can I...


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ithilienranger732 Author
ithilienranger732 Apr 10 2009 says:

I think I'll just concentrate on skirmishes for now. Bloody four-way skirmishes... *rawr*

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JethCalark Apr 11 2009 says:

That will do just as well..... *RAWR!!*

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