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After years of peace, the forces of Arnor break the leaguer of Curunir's forces and attack. In the south, King Arvedui forges into Gondor, taking the Falas by storm and coming close to the captured tower of Minas Anor. In the north, Argeleb takes the passes of the mountains with a massive army. Curinir's forces, attacked on two fronts, become confused and leaderless. The orc-lords Sharku and Lurtz move south to attack Arvedui's army-- can he take Minas Anor before they arrive and outlast their siege?

Translation: On the 54th turn, I got bored of army-building and decided on a little battle, so I packed my bags and attacked them. The Uruk-hai in the south weren't ready for my attack, and I took Belfalas and Anfalas very quickly. It is interesting to note that there were some strange occurences in Belfalas involving swimming units... But I digress. Now that two huge hero armies are on their way, I need to dig Arvedui's army into a fortress, and fast.


the 54th turn?

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ithilienranger732 Author

Or turn 54, depending on how you look at it... *laughs to self* War of the Ring mode, eh?

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All I'm saying is, "DANG! The 54TH TURN?!!!"


turn 54.....sounds like some NYC store or something.....

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ithilienranger732 Author

It does... just like "Forever 21" or "Sweet 16" or something... *laughs to self again*

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