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Well, it's been awhile... although nobody even will read this blog, I have taken it upon myself to keep on writing.

So, why is it that I can destroy a Hard Isengard army within 7 minutes, but a Medium Mordor army draws me out into an unwinnable extended stalemate on the same map, even though I had a better army against Mordor? Well, it might be because Mordor is the most insanely OP faction at the moment, and I really can't build up enough of an army before it is wiped out by bouncing catapult fire rocks and attack trolls that kill a fully upgraded battalion with a single sweep of a club. Grr.

I really need a new computer. The 7 minutes against the Hard Isengard was technically 2:30, but since I have uber-lag, it doesn't work so well. Thus, the need for a new computer arises, but I'm around $300 short. If only I could borrow it from my little brothers...

Well, that's all for now.

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