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A new mod is starting, led by mapper Rokqua Shadowkin and amateur mapper/2D Artist, ME! Our goal in the mod is to add some realism to either BFME 1 or BFME 2, depending on what the executive decision is. So far we have a coder, RobnKarlaFAN, but we'll need more than one coder to the advanced kind of work for this mod! In the words of the mod leader himself...

"This will be a mod that removes unit-build structures, builds siege engines like a BFME II structure, and allows for build-anywhere farms and wall hubs. The farms and wall hubs, however, will only work if you build a foundation first, and the foundation will take time to build. To build and army, you don't need to have that many CP, and can go over anytime, but if you go over, your army will start to starve, and units will die randomly, and the more you go over the CP limit, the more units will die. To GET the units, you will need to build messengers for about 3,000 resources each, and send them to the edge of the map, where you will get actual battalions of about three hundred men each, but divided into many smaller hordes. to get an even larger army, you will by an elite messenger that you can only get one of with a guard troop for about 7,750 resources that gives you two and a half battalions with a total of seven-hundred and fifty soldiers. Also, both Isenguard and Mordor will be able to build walls, with Mordor's walls looking something like the Black Gate, and the wall towers being similar to the Towers of the Teeth. Also, the Castle Citidal would look like Barad'Dur, while the outpost Citidals would remain the same."

My turn... Now, the troops summoned by the messengers will be the elites of the army (i.e. Gondor's KoDA, Mordor's Mumakil/Trolls, and an army of basic units). However, the build system for the basic units will be drastically changed to match the new resource generation system: Farms must be garrisoned with a battalion of peasants in order to function, and the peasants can be garrisoned in Parade Grounds (for Gondor) in order to be transformed into basic soldiers (like Gondor Swordsmen or Archers). Different kinds of civilians will be able to be upgraded into different types of units; for example, Rohan's Westfold Peasants will be transformed into militia on foot while the Eastfold Herdsmen will be upgraded into a variety of cavalry units. However, this will, again, take a great deal of advanced coding.

If we get to the point where the original four factions are finished in this manner, we plan to add an extra faction: The North! This confederation of the northern war against Sauron will be comprised of Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, and humans. Here is a basic tech tree, designed by yours truly:

The North
A confederation of all of the peoples who fought Sauron, the North is a versatile faction with many options of armies.

Peasant Units:
Shire Farmers- Produce the most resources in a farm, but make the worst troops. Can be trained into either Shirrifs or Bounders.
Dwarvern Miners- Produce no resources whatsoever in a farm, but make the most solid troops. Can be upgraded into Axemen.
Elven Gardeners- Produce medium resources in a farm, and are the best stealth troops. Can be upgraded into Marksmen or Blademasters.
Men of the North- Produce medium resources in farms, and are the solid backbone of the army. Can be upgraded into Warriors, Archers, Riders, or Rangers.

Regular Units:
Shirrifs- A basic unit that can toggle between quarterstaff and thrown rocks.
Bounders- Stealthy hobbits equipped with a bow to fend off the beasts from the wilds to the north of the Shire.
Axemen- A solid Dwarven unit that concentrates on armor over speed.
Warriors- The basic swordsmen for the North, Warriors can be upgraded with Dale Armor.
Archers- The ranged version of their warrior counterpart, they can also be given Dale Armor.
Riders- The sole cavalry unit for the north, these riders use the finest horses in Dale.
Rangers- These mysterious men roam the lands around Bree, protecting villagers from evil.
Marksmen- The finest archers of the North, these elves are almost invisible in woodlands.
Blademasters- The sword-skill of these elves has been honed to the finest.

Farm- Produces resources, but only when a unit is present; builds Farmers, Gardeners, and Men of the North
Mine- Produces greater resources and reduces upgrade costs, but only when Miners are present; builds Miners and Men of the North
Training Ground- Troop upgrades purchased here when peasants are sent in...
Citadel- The center of any self-respecting army base.
Armory- Upgrades purchased here!

Dale Armor- armor for humans
Dwarven Armor- armor for elves and dwarves; better than Dale's
Fire Arrows- Arrow upgrade for a maximum of six battalions
Barbed Arrows- Arrow upgrade for normal people
Elven Blades- Melee upgrade for everyone

But, reiterating myself for the millionth time, we can't do this alone! So, if you'd like to help us, just drop a PM my way or comment on this blog.

Regards, IRS


Tell Rokqua that when he finally decides which game, he better STICK WITH IT! It would require a complete redo of the mod coding if he switched midway through production. Which is a very very big pain to do....

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ithilienranger732 Author

I think he's decided on BFME 1... so yeah, i'll tell him that.

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