A kid of the 80's. Graduated with a bachelor in Computer Science, I soon got bored by flow charts and the creation of information management systems. I searched for a more creative outlet. Then in 2001 I picked up my first book about 3D modelling. And now, here I am !

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Samurai Legends and UDK ?

Irradic Blog 5 comments

Recently my thoughts about jumping to UDK have resurfaced. Eventhough I'm more or less satisfied with Samurai Legends' visual quality in DBPro, I know it would look even better in UDK.
I'm more worried about the programming aspect of the game. Time and again I have heard that it is a pain to create anything else than a shooter with UDK. Then I see projects like Chivalry and have second thoughts. Unfortunately it seems that I don't have the team to move the project to UDK.
The time of our programmer is very limited, hence I'm doubling as coder and do most of the art stuff as well. At least DBPro isn't that difficult and I can do certain stuff myself, would that still be the case with UDK ?
I could try finding some new people on the UDK forums, people who would like to help with the scripting. But then I've seen how well THAT goes during the time I was looking for help in the art department (animation).

Samurai Legends

Irradic Blog 0 comments

Samurai Legends is an Action Adventure Game, currently being developed for the PC.
Inspirations were games like, Tenchu, Way of the Samurai, Ninja Gaiden and Onimusha.
Most of these games exclusively appeared on Video Game Consoles.
Personally I think there is an audience, for these kind of Games, on the PC as well.

The project started back in 2010, using Darkbasic Pro. The main goal back then was
to create a showcase demo. However the project soon evolved into something more
than that.

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