Budding independent game developer working on a title on my own called "Finding Home". Love to play video games and program. That's all I need in life.

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Finding Home -- Initial Commit

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This is the first full-featured game that I have done. I have tried some XNA development and made a basic pong clone, while also implementing some basic platforming things. Now I am working with Unity to create my game. I use C# as my scripting language and I am not using any other framework inside of Unity. I do know Javascript, but I prefer using C derivatives in any development that I do ( just a personal preference).

Finding Home
Now for more on the game itself. I grew up playing on the SNES and when I gathered enough money on my own, I bought a Gamecube/Metroid Prime. Needless to say, I fell in love with the game. The Metroid series and 2D gameplay is where much of the inspiration came from. From there, I will add a major twist to the game. The main feature will be that all types of actions that require use of the gun will also drain the life from the player. I am still working on a good way to regain that health (instead of just picking up items that enemies drop--like coins in Mario, or energy in Metroid).

In Finding Home you play as a young nerd, Excellion, whom is an outcast in the real world, and searches for a different life. With his extreme intelligence, he creates a time portal device. Of course, we all know the world will be rules by nerds, geeks, and/or robots in the future, so why wouldn't Excellion be happier in the future?

Anyways, things are in very early stages of development but I am very excited about this game. I have been mostly working on some basic Unity development, art, and story. Below are some sample images that I have made. I got some of them from the following post along with some basic changes.

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