0 comments by [Infernal_Eagle2077] on Aug 24th, 2012

What can I say 4 months have passed since the time when I was in despair announced infected sector and riveted screenshots just for the sake of my mod that would have got on this site. What was I thinking that everything will be much worse than it seemed to me that the project will be complete crap but I am glad that I was wrong of course until we have met a number of difficulties but I am glad that we have overcome them / overcome. Certainly were not the most pleasant moments such as care of people from the team, trolling, etc. yet we still live lived and I hope we will live

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0 comments by [Infernal_Eagle2077] on Dec 31st, 2011

Well, here come the year 2012. Which is considered the last year for people but I think that it'stime for humanity and the end hmm even if so then I think it must meet adequately why probablybecause everyone in my life are falling and destruction: who then can establish private life who islearning that someone else, but once we have a problem it means that life goes on right? After all, if you ever win that life is boring but oh enough of that philosophy might have to go to the main, as follows: Happy New Year everyone who reads this good luck in all that you'll finish and get started!

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