Robert, is the lead level designer and environmental/technical artist. He is the lead on the current project “Descension” and the driving force behind 3rd Element Studios. His extremely popular Oblivion mod Frostcrag Reborn has been downloaded by over 47,000 people, is the highest rated Oblivion player home and is currently ranked 21st overall mod on’s top 100 mods

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Hi all,

Last week was a busy one. I finished the dialogue system, and also started to remove and re-add existing code to have a clear code base before start adding new features. These are the major changes:

  • I added lots of features and options to dialogue system, including a dozen log features and debug options. The major feature is that now the designer can change the style for both subtitle text and speaker name, for the whole game, and also for each speaker individually.
  • The integration part of dialogue system is finished. For now it consists of a sequence action and a sequence event (which manages all of needed events in one SeqEvent).
  • I re-added the base classes in a more clear way, and with some features to ease future modifications.
  • Also added a couple super classes to have more control on the game (e.g. to control cheats and exec functions).
  • I reimplemented the whole save/load system because of some problems. I hadn’t time to test it yet though.
  • Added the base classes for Scaleform GFx UIs and also MapInfo.

Also lots of minor changes and a few more additions to code. So far I managed to re-implement about 1/3 of the code base and It will need a few more weeks to be finished.I also spent quite some time trying to build a mac version for the demo. Still no luck, however I will let you know when it’s working.

Thanks and good luck.

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