I'm a college student in the US. I'm majoring in computer graphics and design. I do level editing with the Hammer Editor and a little Unreal Editor. I can do some basic 3D modeling/skinning and can draw. I also have some Photoshop knowledge based around graphic design work. Interested in a joining or forming a MOD team. Check my homepage and images for my work.

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Thought I'd show the evolution an area in a compo map I'm working on. Here it goes

First version where I quickly setup and light the tesla system
User Posted Image

HDR test, looks ok
User Posted Image

Played with the lighting, add debris to area
User Posted Image

You can see what I added to the side of the tesla system
User Posted Image

Added the generator
User Posted Image

I finally increased the cylinder's smoothness, it was looking out of place otherwise
Also added cables
User Posted Image

Started adding decals
User Posted Image

Near final version
User Posted Image

Final Version - I'll put it up once I'm completely done, changes include final hdr compile, use of smoothing groups, and additional wiring brush work.

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