Three people get captured by indians while walking through the woods. they say "ok, we will let you live if you find some fruit." the first guy comes back with grapes. they tell him "if you can shove those up your ass without laughing, we will let you live." so he gets almost all of them in and bursts out laughing. "why did you laugh?" "cuz the next guy came back with a pineapple!" so they kill him. they tell the guy with the pinapple "if you can shove that up your ass without laughing, we will let you live." he gets it almost all the way in and just bursts out laughing. "why the fuck did you laugh?!" "cuz the third guys got a watermelon!!" aaaaaaaaaanyway, im into pretty much anything that has giant robots or mechs. i love spiders, i love mechs, put them together, omg. same thing with centipedes. i love legos. i frequently use the free program called Lego Digital Designer. pretty easy. hard at first but its fun to use once you get to know it. i love to make my legos pose.

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IMAZOMBIE358 Aug 8 2014, 5:37am replied:


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IMAZOMBIE358 Aug 4 2014, 2:23pm says:

i like the worn look, but the worn corners dont look very authentic. its only on the corners, like a grill brush was used to finely brush the paint off the corners. i would understand it isnt supposed to look worn and is the actual untouched paint job because white looks good with black and red, but not in the form of scratches. ill admit it does look good but it doesn't look like natural wear.

imo, it would look more authentic if the worn scratches werent just on the corners. the uef one looks okay but the wear on the cybran one is too much. id think it would have gashes and scars by the time the corners were that worn out. unless the weather was beyond extreme, constant sandstorms and blizzards but even then, there are no storms that bad.

plus, it looks a little odd when they look that worn just as they are made.

im not trying to start a fight. if there is a logical aesthetic reason as to why the wear is only on the corners, id like for you to explain it to me because i really think it looks bad. constructive criticism. id like it if people wouldnt tell me to shut the hell up and would like it if they explained it to me. if you give me a reason and i still do not like it, i will just try to live with it and i wont bring it up again.

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IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 25 2014, 2:42pm replied:

ummmm isnt that what the illumninates space teleport does? im pretty sure it works the same way your describing. except the exit/entry gate can only be spawned using the space teleport itself, although anywhere on the map, and instantaneously, and can also be despawned using the space teleport.

what your suggesting i am pretty sure works exactly like the space teleport, without its perks.

there is a mission in the campaign that has you use several of the enemy aeon space teleports to cross the corvana chasm.

besides that, i remember it playing a similar role to madface's warp portal, along with a much more storyline centered role like the old quantum gates would pose, as the only connection between different planets.

annoyed sigh...much like so many other games where you get to use some epic device which you captured, yet it is extremely dumbed down in comparison to how the computer could use it, like the first appearance of the ultimate laser cannon in acv, the guy shoots it at you from literally the other corner of the map, endlessly and far faster than when the player uses it, where it can only be used a maximum of three times no matter what mech you have, is extremely handicapping and blots out your vision so much that aiming even at medium range is hard work.

i can understand gameplay, but damn. he fired that stupid thing at me over 100 times and very fast and accurately using a much less powerful mech.

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IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 22 2014, 1:09am says:

heeeeey i just realised something. if these pillars replace all factories, that means these pillars dont build things on site. energy is of course a need but if mobile units are built elsewhere, mass shouldnt be consumed by building anything that comes through the portal.

i would understand if the extractors sent cargo ships INTO the warp pillar. that would be pretty badass and more legitimate than a tower sitting in the middle of nowhere, somehow transporting the resources to the factories, wherever they may be.

mass extractor sounds cool but seeing those stupid hexagons on the ground is terrible. maybe instead of a hexagon, a really deep hole in the ground? an aircraft flying from the extraction plant to the pillar and warping to wherever the factories are off world and whatnot, t2 and t3 upgrades either making them bigger with a bigger ship or with multiple ships.

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IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 19 2014, 6:10pm replied:

they dont have to be huge. and really, if they are meant to work alongside the portals, wouldnt it look a little odd for the scus to be made on site?

what about orbital dropping commanders from space? epic cutscene plays while the game loads, showing the selected commander getting into the acus and being launched by some massive launcher? gotta admnit, it would be pretty epic and authentic. not saying drop everything else and get straight to it but y know. sometime in the future.

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IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 17 2014, 12:03pm replied:

i am happy i was just commenting in the same way the first person did. just compliments and suggestions. not demands.

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IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 16 2014, 10:13pm says:

hmmm i was hoping thered be some way to make the uef be blue tinted. in this case its the same color as cybran. the aeon pod i dont like but the uef one is perfect. the cybran one could use a little work. more spikes. i was thinking of some gateway like the old ones.

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IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 16 2014, 12:06pm replied:

i thought the mod made it so you only ever needed one pillar

+1 vote     media: My last game
IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 16 2014, 3:12am says:

i remember a game of supcom on the xbox...

the most energy generators ive ever had in one game took up a 1/4th of my half of setons clutch. i had them built in a checkerboard pattern with mass fabricators.

the result was me being able to build a monkeylord in five seconds.

im forgetting what those huge towers are to the left.

+1 vote     media: My last game
IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 13 2014, 1:00pm says:

hmmm. i would think that the cybran would be using a more triangular model. this looks good but. y know. triangles.

the aeon one looks fitting for aeon, though maybe you could make it more egg shaped?

the uef one looks good too but i was thinking, these things are sorta like power lines. like extra cables and stuff.

and that made me think of a cybran unit with cables and **** hanging off it. like some experimental jellyfish whos ability would be supercharged reclamation or perhaps supercharged capturing called Redeemer or Overlord or something like that. just an idea that popped into my head.

+1 vote     media: adjacency bonus
IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 13 2014, 12:50pm says:

omfg that is like the coolest turret ever! these new defenses are making sc2s stuff look like crap.

i mean i shouldnt be surprised since you made the vanilla soul ripper 2 look like **** but still. this stuff is amazing.

what are the white lines all over it? they look really good depending on what they are.

+1 vote     media: Cybran T3 PD revamped
IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 8 2014, 8:19pm says:

this is a variant of another bionicle i made in ldd. it is unfinished. meant to share my kitten Oreo's color scheme.

+1 vote     media: new screenies
IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 8 2014, 8:02pm says:

HAHAHAHA the size of the factory in comparison to the rest of the units reminds me of a text log i found in DEAD SPACE 3.


i dont remember it word for word but this part,

"without warning, the storm cleared and we saw them...towering over us like gods. i fell to my knees and wept uncontrollably, overwelmed by my sheer insignificance."

0 votes     media: The Grid RVE Adjacency
IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 8 2014, 7:18pm replied:

i was just thinking. maybe all t1-t3 aircraft should need an aircraft factory to operate smoothly? some guy builds an army with a carrier/factory. those aircraft need it for fuel and ammunition, and there would also be a limit to how far they could travel from the carrier/factory. so if you spot some air units, you know there must be a carrier/factory nearby that you could destroy to make them all automatically move to/use the nearest carrier/factory/base of ops that hasnt reached its control limit(say 30 units). if there are no availible positions left, the aircraft will fly to the nearest open area of ground and sit there until spots are opened.

that would make aircraft carriers extremely useful and give them a legitimate roll in combat.

+1 vote     media: What could this mean?
IMAZOMBIE358 Jul 8 2014, 6:16pm says:

heeeeey this looks better than i thought. still dont think the shape is right for a naval factory.

on the other hand, that reflective alien silver texture is perfect for the aeon. put that texture on the gunship.

thats another thing. these factions arent going to look very consistent with the textures different from one another.

+1 vote     media: Aeon sea factory NK III wip 2
IMAZOMBIE358 Jun 26 2014, 8:36pm replied:

deeeeng -4 votes...

i cant really see how a ship could fit under that thing in the first place unless its massive. and it would need to be bigger than any other factory, and take up more mass.

+1 vote     media: Aeon sea factory MK III
IMAZOMBIE358 Jun 23 2014, 8:24am says:

hmmmmm i like the model but it doesnt really look suited for ship building. i was hoping for some kind of multi part thing that would unfold into several pieces.

something like the ishimura that would sit 70% submerged when idle and folded up until told to build something and would rise up till it was only 30% submerged and break apart into several individual pieces.

or at least something long. this is really short. too short for boats anyway. it looks like a hover unit factory to me.

-4 votes     media: Aeon sea factory MK III
IMAZOMBIE358 Jun 9 2014, 10:46am replied:

dragon fly

+1 vote     media: gmod contraptions
IMAZOMBIE358 Jun 6 2014, 11:48pm says:

mantis makes me think of the tractor beam ability of the colossus.

maybe you could give this thing the ability to pick up and store enemy units into a clip like the noah unit cannon and shoot them back at the enemy.

having little tractor beam units roaming around would be give the aeon the advantage they always had in terms of tech. and it would be funny.

+1 vote     media: Aeon T4 Gunship
IMAZOMBIE358 Jun 6 2014, 11:33pm says:

oh **** i know what would make it look more aeon than anything. make it brighter. im such a derp sometimes...

aeon units normally have bright white or silver as their main color. make the white area brighter white, add some silver here and there and bam. theres enough black and i love the design, it would be nice to see some sort of alien bug flying around and you know what bug i think looks the most alien? a praying mantis. how bout we call it the Mantis?

+1 vote     media: Aeon T4 Gunship
IMAZOMBIE358 Jun 4 2014, 2:12am replied:

i would expect it to have some huge hole in it that would say its got seraphim tech. i dont see any aeon in it other than its color scheme and general curviness

+1 vote     media: Aeon T4 Gunship
IMAZOMBIE358 Jun 3 2014, 5:58pm says:

i actually liked the design of the t4 gunship. imo, it would be cool to see the original walk along the ground. you could use it as the base of the kraken actually.

the only things i don't like(friendly criticism) is that there isnt much black. the head and engines would look awesome without any armor.

imo, the only thing that makes it feel aeon is its color scheme and general curvyness.

i do like how the green area resembles a leaf.

+1 vote     media: Aeon T4 Gunship
IMAZOMBIE358 Jun 2 2014, 6:08am replied:

plasma in supcom arcs. in fact, almost all the weapons in supcom fire some form of plasma. all the aeon units fire lasers or plasma.

all the cybran artillery fires plasma. even the mavor from fa is a plasma cannon if you read the wiki. even the tiny little uef t1 point defense turret FROM FA is a plasma cannon. so technically, supcom 2's tech has devolved. which shows that square enix basically only took the idea of supcom. they didnt even look into the types of damage they did. in supcom 2, many of the uef units fire shells/bullets, yet in the first supcom, even the uef t1 point defense fired plasma.

so TECHNICALLY, tech has devolved quite a bit in comparison to the original supcom. if this is fires a ball of energry, really the only difference betwen it and the vanilla mavor is he size and shape of the gun, and has bigger splash damage.

also, overrated, it would be no different than the cybran artillery if its explosion would be throwing bolts of lightning crawling everywhere. unless you mean the affect lingers like radiation.

+1 vote     media: Mavor MK III in game
IMAZOMBIE358 May 31 2014, 6:54pm says:

im beginning to think this mod will stay on hold forever. i havent seen any update in a long time.

+1 vote     media: Umm some thinks burning
IMAZOMBIE358 May 20 2014, 5:30pm says:

the original is bright blue with red eyes and translucent green wings

+1 vote     media: gmod contraptions cont.
IMAZOMBIE358 May 12 2014, 9:58pm replied:

this is one of the very few times ive negated points from your comments. but "just a big *** nuke" sounds as bad as the names given to aeon units. its bad even for a basic description. just a big *** nuke. nobody wants just a big *** nuke. i understand this is a balance mod but cmon it couldnt hurt at all to make it have some special ability. its a huge awesome looking vertical launcher. saying its just a big *** nuke is like censoring the model. a big *** nuke wouldnt look as cool as this does.

+1 vote     media: Aeon XP nuke launcher
IMAZOMBIE358 May 12 2014, 9:38pm says:

are these piles of rubble all going to be the same shape in the first release they are in?

+1 vote     media: Umm some thinks burning
IMAZOMBIE358 May 8 2014, 11:27am says:

that movie would have been so cool if the guy wouldnt have made the horror part be people eating ****.

my idea, a crazy master puppeteer wants to scare away people living in a summer mansion to get the gold mine underneath it

but the monster puppet he creates by sowing dead peoples torsos together gains life when the puppeteer accidentally drops a frayed electrical cord on it, and of course what puppeteer wouldnt be happy about his puppet gaining life?

they strike a deal, if the puppeteer acquires 50 segments, it will not only scare the people out of the mansion, it will protect him with its life. at the fifth segment, the puppet persuades the puppeteer to let it use his torso as the new head, and so the puppeteer manages to slice off his lower body without dying, and at first the puppeteer becomes the new head, but mutates into a mouth with huge fangs and a stomach needed to make other segments addable to the opposite end.

+1 vote     media: gmod contraptions
IMAZOMBIE358 May 8 2014, 10:46am says:

he has two other variants as of right now.

+1 vote     media: gmod contraptions
IMAZOMBIE358 May 8 2014, 10:46am says:

made by me

+1 vote     media: gmod contraptions
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