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hogsy Jul 31 2015 replied:

We had a discussion internally regarding the name and decided to change it to better reflect the current design and goals of the project, and to also make it something of our own.

Will all be covered in the upcoming news update :)

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hogsy Jul 31 2015 replied:

From the paths defined within the material. You can see the material script itself on the right which is parsed by the engine and then displayed within the window on the right.

The engine is directly integrated within the editor, so what you see is what you'll get within the game.

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hogsy May 3 2015 says:

Considering that floor is supposed to be dirt, it's awfully flat. Could try adding some variation?

+2 votes   media: Construction Site Updates
hogsy Apr 28 2015 replied:

We're alive. Big changes to announce though, so we'll be making an update at some stage.

+3 votes   game: Decay: Tempus
hogsy Apr 28 2015 replied:

We're alive. Big changes to announce though, so we'll be making an update at some stage.

+1 vote   game: Decay: Tempus
hogsy Dec 13 2014 replied:

The client, Desura, does still exist as it's still required to download any games bought on the website, Desura, which also still exists.

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hogsy Oct 11 2014 replied:

Which has been very much what I've been working towards, so that's good news! :)

+2 votes   media: We're not dead...
hogsy May 25 2014 says:

Currently my own but slowly leaning towards Unreal Engine 4.

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hogsy May 22 2014 replied:

It's going well! Sorry that we've been really quiet but it's hard to find time between our personal lives, working on the project and trying to publicise it. I really hope we can find the time start showing everyone some more stuff soon.

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hogsy May 1 2014 replied:

Haha Daikatana is pretty famous for having a lot of brown and green. Luckily it's mainly just this level that has that brown tone and I'm trying to vary it as much as I can :)

+1 vote   media: OpenKatana
hogsy Apr 22 2014 replied:

Thanks :)

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hogsy Mar 25 2014 replied:

... It's a photograph.

-2 votes   media: HL³
hogsy Feb 25 2014 says:

Thanks so much for this! :)

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hogsy Feb 20 2014 says:

I'd potentially be interested in helping out with programming stuff, though I'm already working on another major project so it can't be full-time but I can lend a hand where it's needed. Even after registering I can't seem to post on your profile though from the link given...

+2 votes   news: WGR2: NEW EPISODE
hogsy Dec 30 2013 replied:

Yup! Don't worry though as they'll work very differently than they did in Daikatana and will be much more capable of handling themselves.

+2 votes   game: Decay: Tempus
hogsy Dec 9 2013 says:

You should worry about getting the project finished first before worrying about what platforms you're porting it to.

+1 vote   news: MOTY 2013 Awards, 15 Years of Half-Life, and Mac OS X Announcement!
hogsy Oct 12 2013 replied:

Well aware of it, thanks. But that's also why it's stated some of which and not all of which :)

Either way the description is old and our attitudes have changed so it's pretty outdated anyway.

+2 votes   game: Decay: Tempus
hogsy Sep 1 2013 says:

Really nice! But aren't they a little too clean? I might be wrong but I remember that these children were meant to be working inside factories so wouldn't they be a little more scruffy looking?

+13 votes   media: Male Child Worker
hogsy Aug 31 2013 replied:

You are aware you can mute music right?

+5 votes   game: Second Life
hogsy Aug 22 2013 replied:

Yup! We're still alive and active here :)

+1 vote   game: Decay: Tempus
hogsy Aug 21 2013 replied:

Open-source remake of the construction kit for Morrowind I'm assuming.

+7 votes   media: OpenCS is becoming reality.
hogsy Jul 4 2013 replied:

We had already considered using a more modern engine but because of the simplicity of the Quake engine it seemed like a much better choice, especially when we were also expecting to develop it in the long-term instead of just for one project. With all the work we've already put in it would be incredibly stupid for us to switch engine at this point.

May I also add here that choosing an engine purely because of the visuals it produces is of no interest to us and should not be the deciding factor you should be looking for when deciding on an engine.

+3 votes   news: OpenKatana News Update
hogsy Jun 13 2013 says:

Depends on the game. If it's an open-world game then potentially having a randomly generated world could make every users experience different and unique while also encouraging them to play again and again, but I believe for games that need a more detailed environment with things in the world that need to have meaning to the player I do believe they should be designed by hand.

I don't think there will ever be a time when procedural levels will replace creating them by hand, instead generating levels procedurally becomes more of a tool that would be used depending on the game that's being created...

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hogsy May 30 2013 replied:

These are in-development shots taken on my laptop with the game running in windowed mode so that I can monitor any debugging information on my other monitor (I have a dual monitor set up).

When the map and game is closer to being complete then you can certainly expect to see higher-resolution screenshots but for now I've opted to share new shots with you guys whenever something new pops up just so that we're throwing media out at a more regular basis, rather than throwing out one new screenshot every few months.

+2 votes   media: E1M5
hogsy May 28 2013 says:

Can't really see any visual difference between your CPU lighting and CPU+GPU lighting.

+1 vote   news: New Lighting
hogsy May 12 2013 replied:

They're not finished yet.

+1 vote   media: Hiro Hiyazaki
hogsy Apr 22 2013 replied:

It would be a good idea to organise everything as if you were about to release it. For OpenKatana we have the source-code, mapping tools and documentation all organised into an SDK folder (the SDK folder reflects the game folder in its structure but of course contains the raw junk) which is submitted to our SVN repository within the games folder so that if anyone wants anything from there we don't need to clean it up and so it can be easily released with the project without modification.
This is assuming you guys are using a SVN repository for Left4Quake anyway...

+1 vote   news: Introducing RibCash
hogsy Mar 28 2013 says:

Not sure how this is relevant to QuakeC...

+1 vote   media: It's a trap!
hogsy Mar 25 2013 replied:

Yup! The gun (or "head") is seperate from the base and rotates relative to its target position :)

+1 vote   media: Laser Turret
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