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9/11 or as it should properly be known, 11/9.

Once again it smashes into the headlines and once again stirs up some of the most blood boiling embivalence my sould has ever been torn with.

Two major events happened on or around September the 11th this year:

The first involved a silence, the second involved a Book.

Now let me start with the obvious. I am in no way a racist person. I am pretty damned tolerent, and think that everyone should have the right to live, un-scared and comfortably in the place of their choosing. Now that that is said, i will also say, that i have numerous Muslim friends, and that, the fanatiscism that spawned those evil fuckers who went around crashing planes into building, setting off bombs on the London Underground, and doing all kinds of other horrid things, is only an excessivly small proportion of followes of Islam. However there were two things that bothered me, and i'm pretty sure they are going to stir up some controvisy.

1) In the UK We had a moments silence... What the fuck for? Dont get me wrong, it is absolutely awful what happened, and i do sympathise. However, It didint directly happen to us... we dont have a moments Silence to comemorate the Omagh Bombing every year, or the Blitz every year, I just dont understand what the hell it has to do with me? Americans, please do, and if i was IN America on any September the 11th, i would of course show my heartfelt respect to those that fell on that fateful morning, but i dont see why it was extended over here, When was the last time we had an annual moments silence for the poor bastards washed away in the Asian Tsunami? I'll tell you why my friends, its because this fucking Shitehole of a CUNTry is so far shoved up Americas Arse, that we can see Daylight whenever it opens its mouth. Its bollocks, it truly is, its the lowest of the low, its Arselicking, brown-nosing, and its wrong. In the end, out of Respect to the people who had perished, i did indeed hold my two minutes silence, but once again, can not understand why it was thrust upon me.

2) Pastor Terry Jones, had decided to burn a stack of Korans. Now, i'm not a great believer in the relevance of objects... a koran is a book, as is the bible, i appreciate the relevance of its holiness, and undestand it would piss a few people off. However, how in the blue fuck, do these people... who openly burn Flags, effigies and bibles get off complaining when someone is doing it back to them? it makes me angry, its typical, a rule for one, and another for others... what is this world coming to?? we've got people dying in Pakistan due to massive floods, and still their so called 'leaders' of these countries, are winging because of one nut-job getting off on his freedom of expression, yeah, thats what it is in essence. How about this, stop fucking complaining about nothing, and start delivering rice to your poor Citizens who are up to their necks in water...

...end transmission...


I agree, practically on everything you say here.

Honestly, this country is so far up americas arse, but i completely and entirely push the blame onto Tony Blair for that.

If he wasnt so busy sucking George Bush's **** and sending OUR ******* troops into a war WE dont want to fight, Everyone would be a lot happier.

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Hendrix Author

too true.

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