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Mod Review on Aug 12th, 2011 - 2 people don't

Well here we go:
Downloaded and installed this recently. I think that it is a pretty amazing mod. The idea, was relatively fresh to me, it had a very zombie kind of feel to it, despite the fact that the enemy we're rebels rather than zombies! I Enjoyed the brief yet ever present eireness of the 'crows'. I enjoyed the use of a transit system. I REALLY enjoyed the Doctor talking via the radio link, and found myself relieved when he came back online. I liked the twist (wont spoil it for people who havent heard it) I think the mapping was very solid in its construction (But could of done with a little more detail)

-Great story, strong characters, well laid out levels

-Needs more details, weapon models could be better, could be a little longer, voice acting was pretty good, but could of been batter in parts

Maybe develop more of a story with the rebels, giving the player a morale dilema or something!

All in all, fantastic effort guys, thats one I will NOT be uninstalling!


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