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Ahh the glory days seem to have returned behind the heavy oak doors of 1985 development! We appeared to have an un-questionable drought of solid graft happening on all fronts for the yuletide period, perfectly understandable in my honest opinion, but somewhat demoralising never the less.
Well my good modding chums, this appears to have changed over the lat week or so. I spent the first part of last week learning new lighting tricks. It has been said before that my maps are good but lack, decent, HD rendered lighting. Well, sometimes i guess you just need to get off your horse and drink your milk! Doing so, i learnt quite a bit (and more shockingly, realised that i actually remembered half of it, from being able to do it before!). So you'll be pleased to know that 1985_Thames is almost finished. This is an MP version of the SP map, but i'll give you a quick low down on the story behind the specific map, a little bit later.
On the non-mapping front, Dannycon the lead 3d artist has been plugging away at various weapons, from new grenades, to rifles, some youve had the privelidge to see, and others... well you'll just have to wait a while. We've Our good chum cruckz produce a superb humber pig for use as a Urban pacification vehicled during the second phase of the SP game, as well as various props, and we've had extranoise working flat out to produce us some pretty fantastic barricade props. Ihazard is also working flat out to get the Sterling SMG ingame, and Fallen my good pal, is animating his dutch Ass off!!! All in all, development is coming along very strong indeed, however there are still a few hles in the development team we would like to fill.

We have all our characters done for the beta, but we are looking to quadrouple the ammount of humans usable in SP & MP for the second release: therefore we are looking for:

Character modeller: to model and texture character models based.
Character animator: To rig animate character and NPC mmodls.

Compiler: To compile props/weapons AND characters, now we already have a guy to do each of these, but we are looking to bring someone on board to solely do this.

Texture Artist: All our modelers texture their own models, but sometimes its nice for them to just concentrate on banging out models, also some of our stuff requires reskins, so its best for them to do them.

Researcher: Whilst most of the research is done by me, we have an opening for someone to do minor research, now dont let the name fool you, they will be doing a lot of research that (to be frank) i dont have time to do, such as period advertisments, vehicles, clothes etc.

If you are interested, then there are various ways of contacting us, and until then, i hope you look forward to the impeding beta!

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