Hi im Alex, i was born in Poland. My profession is IT and reviews, i am a leader of A&K firm.

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The mod progress

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Ok, new mods site is approaching you'll find everything about the mod there,
[(feel invited :)] There will be everything- details, units lists, add-things lists, planets lists, heroes lists, membership, screens, powerpoints and of course some trailers.
So i invite u - the basic site will be run on friday, so see you all there.....................

The mod u've never seen before...

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In the middle of June(sth like 14-19 Of June) Im planning to run the mod making.
Mod is going to be about Clone Wars era BUT attention;
It'll be based on the Clone Wars TV show ONLY.
Each Sound, unit, structure will be from CW TV SHOW. Oh and it'll be a FOC mod, of course;)
Lots to say but for now i'll present only the side in the mo;

-Galactic Republic
-Bounty Hunters Confederation (Cad Bane, Kul teska, Bossk, Jango ecc.)

Now, the details;
as a 'leader' i'll take care of Sounds, music, advertising, interface, plans, funs, ModDb updates and more.

There are many free spots in the team so i ask YOU for some offers, there is ni national or age limits so im quite flexible ;)

Any offers send as a 'pm' to my account.

"Once again i must ask you for too much..."

About me.

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Hey there as u already know im from Poland (sweet country in the central Europe) and im a huge Star Wars fan(Clone wars era only) and i love RaW of course.

To me the z3r0x new mod is a little tiny part of my shitty life. Every day i come back from my jobi enter RaW page and watch what are the news:)

Also i love the American Revolution subject and i know pretty much about it but i know people who are much better ;) Because of that i love the mod for Empire TW called DarthMod Empire; its awesome:)

Here on moddb ill try to make your time better by adding lots of media and videos or music.

What can i say more...if u had some problems or bad day - my doors are ALWAYS opened ;)

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