Trying to find my way around the game developer world and see how far I can go without any schooling or expensive programs! :D I post videos and images and I hope to one day join a developer team. I did start a game with a friend, and it is now on hold possibly indefinitely because our mapper left us and we are not experienced enough.

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Working on stuff

Hateburn Blog

I've got a whole bunch of stuff on my agenda..:

I'm working on being a better mapper

I'm redoing my old matrix video and finishing it

I'm making L4D2 Sound packs of all kinds

I'm hopefully getting into serious machinima work soon

I'm also hopefully getting into mod work soon

And I'm hopefully getting a real job soon


Sooner rather than later :D

Hateburn Blog

Hopefully very soon I will get some concept idea of what Rift-Ripper levels should look like and I will get right on working so people here on ModDB think we are amateurs. Well, we are, but we aren't that bad. As I am more lead mapper and Lex more or less my apprentice, we are doing as much as we can just only online, in between classes, family and homework. But very soon I will my part and hopefully it'll turn out right.

OS Change, again.

Hateburn Blog

High ho, Vista I go.

So for about the 10th time in 3 months, I've changed OS's...can't buy 7 just yet. I want it, SO BAD. But yeah. Vista will do. 8 gig of ram...I missed it so so much.

Vista has a bit of easier driver updating, it's what my computer was basically built for, and now it feels a bit happier. Steam is installing, and I will get back to work with my experiments. Waiting for the go ahead to recruit folks.

Gonna need a Modeler/Skinner and Voice Actors.

I myself am the Lead Level Designer, Assistant Script Developer, and Voice Actor.
My good bud is Lead Script Developer, Assistant Level Designer, and Voice Actor as well.

Our main concern is voice actors. A Modeler/Skinner would be nice. We need some custom materials and reskinned characters. Also need to edit some weapons and make them look fancy.

Until then, downloading ep2!

Working on a game, finally

Hateburn Blog

Me and my good bud have finally started idealizing an ep2 sp mod. It will be great. Once the final script is done, I will work on some levels. Once levels are done, we'll need voice actors. I'll post on the forums for that... Gonna be posting videos soon, showing that I have gotten around several bugs which I am excited about.


Hateburn Blog

I'm just a big industrial size mess of indecisiveness. I have all those projects lined up, but I have no idea why I am not working on them. I started on several, realized some are almost undoable, most are but lack idea to go with them.

I think what I need to do is work in a Source Mod Single Player Game. Hammer and Faceposer usage. No editing source code. Simple skinning. No custom models.

All I need is a story and voice actors.

Alright. Rescheduling Work.

Hateburn Blog

As for now, this is my line of what I am going to do, not specifically:

HL2 Machinima Music Video starring Doctor Breen and the G-Man. This one is most definitely going to be lucid.

L4D Machinima Music Video starring all four survivors in a sad attempt at a song for in game, if it'll work, shouldn't be too hard, just trigger a scene in game, right? This song celebrates that they are still alive.

HL2 Machinima Music Video starring civilians. Well, at least one civilian is in need of some things you'd find at Home Depot.

I will force myself to do these. I have some pretty good skills, and the stuff I see being released is flashy crap. It all sucks. This. G-Man has terrible lip syncing. No effort put into this. It's lame. I need to get something done.

The first video is being restarted, thank god I still have the map but this will be such a pain in the ass to do in the ep2 engine unless they fix the camera problems. I am attempting to modify the source code so I can use the point_viewcontrol properly, but it does not seem to work. I might have to just make my own mod. Oh, that's what I'll do. Duh.

Editing the code did not work. Not at all. Very strange. Source recorder works just as fine.

New news

Hateburn Blog

One of my newer friends has recruited me to work on a map for the JailRP server. He has given me a basic layout and I am hard at work on it. The thing that took me the longest so far was figuring out the information for spawning the characters and I still don't know if characters spawn with weapons or not!

As for the machinima, that is still in progress too. Two simultaneous projects undergoing at once. I am a busy busy person trying to make it in this mad world of developing. I will do my best and either succeed or get shot down trying. Spoilers, Hardware Store.

As for irony, I don't think the owners of the RP server even know I'm making them a map, even though my friend is an admin. It's silly and probably useless, but we shall see. They play on the same old map either way.

I'm also determined to make a good Obsidian Conflict Harvest map. No bullshit. You go to jail if you break the law, not stay out during curfew. Bail isn't 40 points. You get warnings. Make money easier. Impossible secrets are not impossible. You start out with the neccessary things that are made out of metal. Everything else needs to be build from wood. All the wood is chop-able, the bigger trees anyway. If I choose to make a mine, there will be a huge ass mine. Time it takes to get dark is 10 minutes, not 30 seconds. That's longer than a sims day, I think.

Well, I'm off to bed now! Rest in peace, sweet prince.

Starting on a quick project to show what I can do

Hateburn Blog

Ok. I will be working on something that will show what I can do. it should be up and recorded by the time I can post stuff. Woop woop.

This is a blog. It consists of information and 300 characters.

It will be a music video. It will be good. It will not fail. I will back up the files several times over.

Joining ModDB

Hateburn Blog

Well hullo thar. I hear from a friend of mine that this is the place to start to get skills noticed, learn, and become something in life in the world of video games!
Being a small semi-experienced level designer and small time machinimatic-freak, I alas have no outlet due to my small imagination! Finding myself a team might help, I think. I am still learning, but I have done things and I know how Hammer works. I forgot to mention I am on specializing in Source games at the moment. I'd rather wait until I go on to 3dsmax or maya. At least Valve gives us free modding tools such as Hammer and Faceposer. So sexy. But yes. I will be uploading a video of my so far look at my small mini sp-mod for ep2. I don't know if it will be finished or not. Honestly. Also want to work on a machinima. Dunno if I'll get started because I am not a fancy writer.

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