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I'm pretty much a loner as people tell me, you probably already know that I love anime and manga, and as you can see, Furi-Kuri is my favorite. lived in Lebanon, Spain, Yugoslavia and I currently reside in Sweden. Add me on steam if I know who you are. My name is MuminTrollet^^ イチゴ死.

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9 comments by Haruko on May 26th, 2010

Take a scene from a movie and corrupt it with internet language and L33t speak. Its great fun!

Saruman: "If the sentries are breached, RED will fall."
"But Even IF the sentries are gone it will will take a number beyond
reckoning, THOUSANDS to capture the point!"
Saruman: "Tens of
thousands of L33TS"
Wormtongue:"But my lord there is no such force!"
buff banner horn*

A hl2 Breen speech: W3lcome to c17 you have chosen or been chosen to connect to one of our finest s3rv3rs, whether your here to frag, or a n00b passing thru, w3lcome to the c17 s3rv3r.

This one is from Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

Wormtounge: How can hax destroy stone?
Saruman: If the wall is breached the noobs will fall.
Wormtounge: But even if the server is disconnected it will take thousands of pros to take control
Saruman: Tens of thousands of L33ts
Wormtounge: But my admin there is no such force!

Report abuse Anime hatred?

9 comments by Haruko on Apr 12th, 2010

Often on the Interwebz you will find people who hate Manga or Anime. They hate "Weaboos" and Otakus often trying to find faults with anything related to anime. Now I've come up with a couple of reasons for why they DO hate it, odd people I tell you.

A. "They hate the animation style". Now this is quite a stupid reason actually, there are lots of animation styles for anime they just look at one and say "Oooh this is stuupid everything else must be like this" Well in that case you are WRONG good sir.

B. "It's just the same shit all over again". Totally wrong. Anime has all kinds of story lines, themes, type and etc. you've probably only seen the most popular: Bleach and Naruto, people just look at it quickly and see that there are swords, kimonos and unrealistic acrobatics, have you tried looking at others? there is Horror, romance, hardcore action, supernaturals, comedy and randomness and more, your just not looking hard enough,

C. It's cool to hate Weaboos and Otakus. No idea why, I guess it "in" as they call it.

D. As a few people have posted below, Naruto seems to be quite popular amongst kids, and at a quick glance Lucky Star has a kiddy-feel look. Teens think it's childish, Go see Hellsing or Higurashi. And then say that anime is for kids.

Time for Bloodsapphires points!
they hate the storyline

(for some people certain storylines and plots are corny, having the
first anime they watch having a storyline or plot they don't like fuels
that dislike)

2. they hate the art.

(there are lots of anime out there, and they all have different art
styles, well, i personally hate that anime about boxing, too much sweat
and muscle for me)

3. they just hate japan

(maybe they were influenced by something to hate japan, maybe wwII or
maybe the beauty of the country (some people prefer ugly countries, not
me) and because of that they hate anything connected to japan. including
anime i had a "friend" who hates japan and all of it's art. i hate
him.... i am not so soft on such matters)

More to come!

Well... maybe....


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