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blog time :3
 -transfomers 1,2..3(no megan fox D: )
 -the last air bender
 -inception(omg!,y does nobody get it!!?)
 -despicable me(FREEZE RAY!)
 -district 9(FOCKEN PRRAWNS)
 -kick ass
 -fantastic Mr.Fox
 -the book of Eli
 -afro ninja
 -star trek...(im not a nerd B^[ )
 -team america-world police(DIRKA DIRKA MAHIMDIRKA!)
 -terminator salvation+ 
 -simpsons movie
 -sherlock holmes
 -aliens in the attic
 -lord of the rings 1,2,3 
 -donny darko (8D bunnie!)
 -hot tub time machine
 -austin powers(all of them)
 -sky high
 -fast and furious
 -2 fast 2 furious
 -fast and furious tokyo drifts(thats how u spell it right?)
 -fast and furious(again?)
 -appolo 16
 -forest gump
 -dawn of the dead
 -shawn of the dead
 -land of the dead
 -resident evil 1,2,3,4 and 5
 -final fantasy 5(thats right)...
...forgive me if i missed any...

congrats...you found my group :P Artwork Armada

  -rugby(05) >_>
  -transformers prelude for enegeron/clocked
  -transformers the game/clocked
  -need for speed under ground/clocked
  -midnight club 3-dub edition-remix(yes there was another).
  -rayman hoodlum havok/clocked
  -ratchet and clank 3 up your 'arsenal'/clocked(in a day)  -need for speed underground 2
  -crash bandicoot twinsanity/clocked(in a day :3)
  -crash bandicoot warped/clocked
 *xbox 360
  -lego batman(>_> shut up...it came with pure)
  -modern warfare 2/clocked.veteran
  -terminator salvation/clocked.commander(XD only 11 achievements)
  -alien vs predator/clocked all 3 stories.hard
  -battlefield bad company 2/clocked(last lvl...too easy)...
  -ninja blade/clocked(honestly? atleast 20 mins per lvl?)
  -the club/lvl2...(i got $20 off ninja blade for buying this shit game)lol
  -Linkin Park
  -streetlight manifesto
  -SKRILLEX! (Fuck that! he's mainstream now D:<)
  -carlos santana
  -kings of leon
  -Foo Fighters
  -Bon Jovi
  -billy talent
  -fall out boy
  -my chemical romance
  -Tenaious D
  -fluidanims-RHG(rock hard gladiators)epic
  -Newgrounds.com(if u havnt seen it...u havent lived)
  -Mod DB(thats right...i went there...)
  -bee mp3
  -Facebook(cant forget him...)
  -Bebo(she was requested however....)
  -Adventure Quest Worlds
  -Whirled(its been a while)
  -omegle('they see me trollin.they hatin')

 Dislikes:-Dion Carse...
 -"mind the step"steps
 -"mind your head" roof's
 -birds that poop in da pool
 -haxors(that dont help me)
 -spammers(their corrupting me!)
 -shit mmo game's that are advertised with femals in skin tight clothes :P
 -whiney little 8 year old cod players
 -spitting camel's
 -that grass that sticks to your leg hair's...
 -movies that are announced 7 months b4 release,just so you have to wait
 -riding a bike with food down a public street.and bailing  

soon to be finished...?

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