Hi all, Well here's a bit about myself. My real name is Andy Wills & I live in the U.K. I’m a retired health care worker. Funnily enough I retired at an early age due to health issues of my own....lol. However, this does leave me with a lot of free time on my hands to pursue the hobby that I love which is modding. I’ve been modding for some time now & have made mods & add-Ons for a number of popular gamming titles over the years.

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On this page you can see an overview of my mod that lists it's general concept & key features. You can also keep up to date with my overall progress on the mod by using the percentage readouts for each listed item.

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This is a Total Conversion mod for the Max Payne 1 engine that i'm working on that's based on the 1978 Zombie Horror Classic DAWN OF THE DEAD. With this mod i'm trying to stick as closely as I can to the movies storyline as the MP1 engine ( MaxED ), will allow me too. I'm also using an uncut DVD version of the movie as a refferance.

This T.C has the same story, weapons, characters, music & green skinned zombies as the original movie & just like in the movie you will have to shoot the zombies in the head to kill them.

Also, any weapons that became avalible to characters in the movie will also become avalible to them in this T.C & at the same time & places in the plot & other characters such as police & gang members will also use the same weapons that they used in the movie. However, the main characters will only be able to pick up & use the dropped weapons used by these characters if they themselves used them in the movie, & because i'm sticking to the movies original weapons I've also had to drop a few of the default MP1 weapons that were used in the original game but there are 7 New weapons included in this mod which may or may not be for the players use, they are as follows:

(1) 44 Magnum ( used by the Player & Bad Guys )

(2) Colt 45 Revolver ( used by the Player & Bad Guys )

(3) Flare ( used by an N.P.C in a cutscene only )

(4) Sword ( used by a Bad Guy only )

(5) Tear Gas Granade Launcher ( used by an N.P.C in a cutscene only )

(6) Tommy Gun ( used by a Bad Guy only )

(7) Some Fighting Moves ( Not Kung Fu - used by the Player only )

The Original weapons that are also still avalible to the player are the 2 Shotguns, the MP5 & the Sniper Riffle ( although they have been reskinned & tweaked in most cases ).


(1) A completely New storyline & soundtrack taken from the movie - Including diolog ( 33% COMPLETE )

(2) 12 Completely New level's - including a New tutorial level, New worldspheres & additional level sounds ( 33% COMPLETE )

(3) New weapons - Including Some New fighting moves, Not Kung Fu ( 100% COMPLETE )

(4) Completely New characters taken from the movie - Including Zombies, Gang members, Police N.P.C's, Soldier N.P.C's, Hillbilly N.P.C's & the movies 4 main characters to play as in different level's ( 50% COMPLETE )

(5) New character animations - Including Real smoking characters ( 100% COMPLETE )

(6) New death cams ( 100% COMPLETE )

(7) More blood decals ( 100% COMPLETE )

(8) New level objects & scenery, some with interactive animations & some which are just animated - Including New pain killers (Syringes), working mall esculators, cars - jeeps & lorries, a trike motorcycle & a reskined hellicopter with the same paint job as the one in the movie ( 33% COMPLETE )

(9) New menu & loading screen ( 33% COMPLETE )

(10) New interactive menu sounds ( 100% COMPLETE )

(11) A level sellector ( 100% COMPLETE )

(12) New graphic novel pages ( 33% COMPLETE )

(13) A New hud ( 100% COMPLETE )

(14) New easier to use console commands ( 100% COMPLETE )

*************************************************************** *****************************************************

(1) DAWN OF THE DEAD - TUTORIAL - A Completely New tutorial level that explains the New concepts that come into play in this T.C. ( 100% COMPLETE )

(2) THE TENEMENT RAID - PART 1 ( Rooftop Shootout ) - You & your police unit will have to do battle with a gang of thugs on the rooftop of a tenement building, in the first part of this level, in order to gain entry to the building so that you can clear it of all the Zombies contained within. This will not be easy as the gang are trying to protect the zombies as they believe that the undead still possess the souls of their recently dear departed relatives & friends. ( 100% COMPLETE )

(3) THE TENEMENT RAID - PART 2 ( Tenement Zombie Sweep ) - Now you & your police unit has gained entry to the tenement building your next assignment, in the second part of this level, is to eliminate all of thugs left inside & the zombies that they are trying to protect. ( 100% COMPLETE )

- This is the level where all of the main characters meet up for the first time at a deserted Police outpost. You will however have to do battle with some Zombies before you can safely make your escape from the Zombie infested Inner City by Chopper. ( 90% COMPLETE )

(5) THE PRIVATE AIRPORT - You'll have to do battle with some Zombies at a small private Airport, in this level, while trying to refule the Chopper. ( WORK IN PROGRESS )

(6) THE SHOPPING TRIP - You'll have to do battle with some mall Zombies in this level, while you try to collect some items from the a mall store in order to furnish your new mall hideaway. ( WORK IN PROGRESS )

(7) FLYBOY TO THE RESCUE - You'll play as Flyboy, in this level, as he does battle with a Boss Zombie while trying to run to rescue of Peter & Roger after hearing some shots being fired that makes him think that they are in trouble & in need of he's assistance. ( WORK IN PROGRESS )

(8) MALL ZOMBIE SWEEP - You will have to kill all of the remaining zombies contained inside the mall in this level, in order to make it safe to inhabit. ( WORK IN PROGRESS )

(9) THE LORRY BLOCKADE - You will have to keep the mall parking lot clear of all zombies, in this level, by shooting them from the mall roof, while you play as Fran, so that Peter & Roger can drive lorrie's up to the malls entrances in order to block them so that no more Zombies can enter the mall after you've just been cleared it of all the zombies contained within. ( WORK IN PROGRESS )

(10) THE HELLS ANGLES RAID - You have to do battle with some Hell's Angle's, in this level, that are trying to penetrate the mall. ( WORK IN PROGRESS )

(11) ESCAPE FROM THE MALL - You'll have to battle with some New mall zombies in this level, while playing as Peter, as he decides not to commit suicide after all, but instead join Fran in her bid to escape from the mall by chopper after it has become infested by zombies once again due to the Hell's Angle's raid. ( WORK IN PROGRESS )

(12) ZOMBIE END COMBAT - This BONUS LEVEL is much like the bonus level in the original Max Payne game where you have to do battle with many enemie's, i.e zombies, in a large open level which in this case is the main hall area of the mall. This bonus level is reached, as in the original game, by completing this T.C using the hardest setting. ( WORK IN PROGRESS )


You definetely have a full plate but I can't wait to see how this turns out!

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Wow I wasnt wrong following this
So many thing's for one mod
Amazing work man seriously

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Halloween4 Author

Cheers man......& now maybe you can see why it's taking me so long, & you'll stop with the is it nearly finished yet type of questions....lol,

So keep it in mind that I am doing all this work by myself.

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It's worth the wait. =)

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Halloween4 Author

Cheers Mate.... ;-)

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I second that! This will bring back sweet memories... :-)

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