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Hairysteed Sep 11 2012 says:

Hetzers gonna hetz

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Hairysteed Nov 3 2011 replied:

"FH 2.4: " is not part of the password. (Kinda misleading on the website)

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Hairysteed Jun 15 2011 replied:


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Hairysteed May 12 2011 replied:

Depleted uranium is radioactive, yes, but it's less radioactive than natural uranium and you don't need radiation protection to handle it. It's used in penetrator projectiles mainly because of its density and hardness.

However depleted uranium, just like lead or mercury, is a toxic heavy metal and inhaling DU dust is very dangerous.

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Hairysteed Nov 15 2007 replied:

Err, nowadays we don't use as much soviet equipment as we did in the 90s. No T72s or T55s are currently in service. What we have left is BMP-2 (without ATGMs) 2S1 and some support vehicles. We used to have a lot of soviet equipment in the '90s, A lot of which was bought from the former DDR, but now the Armored equipment is primarily Leo2A4s, CV9030s and AMVs

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Hairysteed Nov 5 2007 says:

No offense, but Sweden vs. Norway sounds just as stupid as US. vs Canada! :P Besides, if Sweden and Norway got into a fight, where would Norwegians get parts for their CV90s?

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Hairysteed Oct 20 2007 says:

That's kinda disappointing! Why would you make Type-89s J-10s and WZ-10s (although that more like an A129) if you didn't plan to have China in the game anyway? With other countries you'd have to create entirely new voices too.

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Hairysteed Oct 6 2007 says:

I now downloaded and tested the very final beta, and I gotta say I'm impressed! I especially liked the realistic replacement units for GLA and China, like the T-55 and Type-98. How would you feel about replacing the GLA rocket buggy with a BRDM Sagger vehicle and the PLA's troop crawler with Type-92 wheeled APC?

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Hairysteed Oct 5 2007 says:

Just tried this mod and I love it and I got some ideas while playing it:

I read in the Swedish forums that the FH-77 is going to be replaced by a stationary autocannon (looks like a CV9040 turret). I'd much rather if they instead gave the BGBV90 the ability to "dig"(build) trenches and hull-down positions (classified as buildings), that can hold infantry and vehicles respectively. The FH-77 could be retained, but as a superweapon (it would function the same way as battleships).

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Hairysteed Oct 5 2007 says:

Sorry to hear about the FH-77. I was really hoping to get some indirect artillery fire missions. :(

What I had in mind with the trenches was that infantry could garrison it the same way they garrison the firebase so they would be visible. They could still be suppressed by sniper fire and artillery. They wouldn't be as well protected as in a garrisoned building, but at least they wouldn't be run over by vehicles.

I also had some other ideas for the trenches, like camouflage and/or minefield upgrade, but that might be too much.

Hey! How about an RBS-56 BILL -emplacement? It could work the same way as the GLA:s stinger site, meaning that the crew can be taken out with sniper fire or small arms fire if the enemy gets too close. It could really boost base defences' anti-tank capabilities. A trench with MBT-LAWs might serve the same purpose though.

Now, about Hull-down positions for vehicles. I'm not sure if it's possible with this game engine to have vehicles enter a building in a way that they would remain visible, like it is for infantrymen to garrison a firebase and still be seen. Another thing is that in reality hull-down positions give protection to tanks so that they expose only their turret to enemy fire. In the game this would probably just translate into more hitpoints :P

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