From Diablo 2 LOD I am the Necromancer VeliusTheDevil - Once swarmed a player that was over confident with my 15 skeleton warriors (MAX) and 10 Skeleton Ice Mages and surprisingly killed him. He was 20+ levels stronger than me and was a pretty annoying Barbarian, he killed anyone who left camp. He got what he deserved; to be killed by someone less experienced and to lose 50,000 gold! HA!

I am a great guy on the forums, and other sites, but on games don't expect any mercy. In games, I am very harsh, I hit very hard, I always go it alone, and in both gaming & life, I am not someone you'd wanna anger.

My favorite games are: Dawn of War 1 & 2, Red Alert 3, FEAR 1 & 2, X3: Reunion,
Devil May Cry 3 & 4, Final Fantasy 2 to 10, Killer Instinct, Kane's Wrath, Sins of a Solar Empire, Dragon Age: Origins, Baldur's Gate games (PC),
Shadow of Rome (PS2), and Legacy of Kain Defiance.

That's all I can say for now, see you on the Devastated Wastelands, and farewell!


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Gyrannon Blog

I figured I'd add some extra stuff, mainly since the bio is too darn short to say an idea about yourself.
First off, before editting my profile, you might notice comment to another user, and that I was a tad harsh to him, but hell. I should've warned him, but when people try to correct me with crappy statements, it annoys the crap out of me & I retaliate harshly.
Correcting me about an issue, mistype, grammar, dates, who & what, ect ect, that's what I'll accept and will not complain about. But when someone calls me a liar, says I'm being stupid, tries to sound like they know my hardware better than I do, tries to change my point of view on something with blind guesses, or refers to a board game version when I'm talking about a video game, thats when you should expect me to retaliate with harsh words and extreme sarcasm.
In a way, I'm like Dr. Jekyll, I just don't need a potion to become Mr. Hyde, so that can be a good idea of what to expect.
And now, how about I talk about my goals? Everyone has goals, and I can definately tell that two very awesome Modders, The Gunrun & Borg.Overmind are on their way to becoming the Game Designers that we all know would ROCK! I, myself, am here primarily to become a game designer and author of Horror & Fantasy stories & games. Who or what is the inspiration? H.P. Lovecraft for one, that's Steven King's inspiration too (wiki it), and playing D&D campaigns, yes the RPG text based game.
To those that think D&D should be burned: Guess what, most of the greatest video games of all time are based off of the D&D system - Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale, and the newest game Dragon Age: Origins! Even Warhammer 40,000 was a text based game! WH40K system - Dawn of War series (Dark Crusade, SoulStorm, and Dawn of War 2), Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning, Fire Warrior, Space Hulk, Mark of Chaos, and the soon to be Space Marine!
K, enough ranting, but it's the truth, wiki it all if you doubt me.

The stories I am currently writing and hoping to create either a game or tv series out of is:
The Four Kingdoms- Some friends of think this one sounds very similar to Lord of The Rings, but the funny thing is, it's only a tiny bit similar. Instead of 2 kingdoms, there's 4. Instead of 1 continent, there's 3. And instead of 1 all powerful dark lord, there's 8. Plus, this story has a mixture of medevil technology & cybornetic technology. The great enemy in the story does not reside on the same continent as the 4 kingdoms. And to boot, both sides' armies are at least 20x larger. Sadly, the story has not begun yet, I am still working on the kinks of the story (Cities, Villages, Culture, Military, Religions, Crime rates, layout of every kingdom, Names, what makes them unique, did they war with each other - both good & bad sides, professions, guilds - there 15 guilds now, each kingdom's elite guard, each kingdom's laws, each kingdom's primary goal, ect ect) and that will require one hell of patient thinking & creativity.
Ruins of Ulyssia - Similar to TFK, but set in a post apocalyptic era, where hell has claimed ownership, but have also divided it's wealth & power between 3 very powerful Demon Princes - Deleium, Heleos, and Croation, all of which are brothers an are massive demons of the Abyss. The only remaining city where Ulyssia's residents hold up is a grand city called "Hope's End". The areas I have created in this horrific world is: The Devastated Wastelands (Where Heleos' armies & Deleium's armies are constantly fighting), Mountain of Horror (Where nightmares are born), Cathedral of Insanity (The tomb of Croation himself), Mirage Cities (Outside it looks beautiful, but inside it is filled with unspeakable horrors, and the only way out is to destroy the monster deep within it), The Lakes of Varxevel (Lava lakes, get too close and Varx will devour you), The Ankrailian Bastion (In the center of a 100 mile crater lies the last remnants of Planet Ulyssia's greatest alien foes, all residing in a twisted tower where none can break through), Cathedral of Heleos (The fortress & throne of Prince Heleos, thousands of his minions pour out every second to meet his brother's armies, and in case his fortress is attacked, his forever patient & extremely deadly elite stand guard to wait to meet the foolish threat to Heleos), and Cathedral of Deleium (Same as Heleos, except that Deleium's armies are stronger, but not greater in numbers, hence why the Devastated Wastelands exist).

Well that's all I'm gonna type about my self for, getting tired and hungry. Farewell for now everyone!

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