Just a female gamer looking for custom stories and other such goodies on here. I get bored easily so I apologize if I become distracted due to said boredom. I tend to sometimes play Minecraft, though I'm not that good with it. I'm also a Smite player and league (occasionally on LoL). If you want to chat with me, feel free to! I love some horror games, but don't be surprised if I suddenly turn tail! xD

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So busy!

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Yes, I'm uber busy recently and I apologize for not posting till NOW. I've recently had a bad fall down the stairs where I live and am still recovering a bit! I will try to be a bit more active if I can, but I will be busy for a few months so I will record when and if I am able. I am trying to slim down a bit weight wise, find a job and just find a place of my own, though I'm not sure when it will all come together :( bare with me till then!

Jenni out~

To everyone involved on Damned, Showdown, warframe, etc...

In other news, a new series will be done, called The Cat Lady. I am able to do this thanks to Bob_oo77 thank you so much :D

Another item I was going to point out was the fact that since Damned is now on Steam, you can catch me on there just about every night, either recording or dicking around. Please be sure to add me if you want to be part of Damned/Warframe/Showdown Effect/etc... I will see about setting up go times for us to work on that :D If anyone believes I should try out twitch, please do let me know and I will figure out how to do so, so that I can bring live shows to you guys ^_^ Real time shit man!

Jenni out~

P.S.: Love you guys <3

I love the game, honestly, but there are quite a few bugs, glitches and key problems. I will be hosting a game tomorrow between 8pm-1am. It's eastern standard time, so be sure to check that if you plan to join. Also I am hoping to post more videos of the game Akaneiro, please be sure to view the current one that is up. :) Have fun and please message me either here, or on my channel: BloodDropRose19 to learn more about me hosting matches on Smite or whatever might be easy for me to host on lol. If you have information on some games that might be coming out please also either message or post comments. I appreciate all the players on Damned (listed below) for helping me with the videos and continue to help (if you desire to of course ^_^ ):


thank you all so much my sweet sexy minions :D

Jenni out~ <3

Getting ready to record some Damned with a few buddies of mine :) Bob-oo and DocMcHernia, feel free to check the video out when it comes out later this evening around 8-9pm. Also I'm still trying to figure out GMod! Other than that Half-Life2 will be another video in the works soon. I'm still confused with that game! Anyways I'll have to start a new game before I can though xD

Have fun and be careful and safe out there okay?

Jenni out~

Recently I've obtained some games thanks to a buddy of mine (Bob-oo) and we are having problems/issues figuring out how to create a server game for prop hunt. If anyone can help us, please let me know :) I would truly appreciate the help! Another note is that I am planning to get Damned Alpha soon as well as The Cat Lady. If anyone is able to gift terraria on Steam, I would be grateful. It's fine if you can't, I'm not demanding it!

Anyways, that's all for now :)

Jenni out~

Okay so I have saved up about 32.00 for a headset :) a basic one but still a good gaming headset for PC gaming. I am hoping to get it in the next 3 weeks! I'm sorry for not posting anything recently but I've been exceedingly busy with stuff! Oh and I have a new mouse that might help with gaming as well :P I was thinking about getting a PC controller but I'm still debating it! Let me know in the comments below, what you think I should do (PC gaming wise). If there are any free games that require a gaming controller, don't hesitate to let me know :) Love ya minions!

That's all for now :)

Jenni out~

Yeah.. I tried to use the URL for my videos on YouTube...it won't let me even do THAT...so I don't know what to say! I'm confused and not feeling good so I'm just gonna teach a friend of mine how to play Smite and hopefully shake this feeling of being alone :( it's unnerving and makes me want to curl up and cry ....

Anyways I will be making a new video tomorrow I think, maybe 2.

Jenni out~

So yes, I am uploading videos on YouTube for my Desura and YouTube account. Please make note to check it out, I have my twitter and desura attached to my channel in case people want to check it out. Also I will post a few links for people to check out :) Have fun and be careful with some of the survival games okay?

Jenni out~

I'm currently uploading a few more videos, one of which is GAR *Guns And Robots* and I am in the process of converting a transphoria video. It's 15:43 for the GAR video and a bit over 8 minutes on the transphoria video. Let's hope things go well, you know how to find my YouTube channel (just search under BloodDropRose19). Have fun guys and please play safe :) oh and I plan to post some more on my twitter feed if anyone is interested :)

Jenni Out~

So I finally got the video uploaded to YouTube, I'm nervous and not expecting a lot of good reviews...or anything really but whatever. I'm unable to post here as I said a few hours ago so I'm gonna be uploading to YouTube, I apologize again. Ahem, I am going to post the link to both the video! Have fun and enjoy (please :( )

Youtube.com I don't know if it will actually show my video but if you can't find it, search BloodDropRose19 and check under videos.

Jenni out~

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