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Oh God, Not School Again!!

Gabby_at_GreyBox Blog

Yeah, its that time. School's starting back up. Well, in September, but I can neither go to Twitter or Facebook without some message from my school heralding the start of fall semester. *sigh*

In the meantime, and during school... and after, work on Avalon will continue. I've been trying to get the general design laid out, and get us some funding, and some more people to work on it. Making an MMORPG is a huge undertaking, which is probably why most people give up, but it'll make it. Give it a few more years. lol

Avalon will have religion, and this is what I've been focusing on lately. There are 4 main gods, and 5 lesser gods; each stand for an element (ice, fire, light, metal, etc) and have their own symbols. And coming up with said symbols has been tough! How to take something like air and condense its very meaning into one little simple symbol? I've been struggling with it, but its coming along.

Meanwhile, CryEngine 3 is giving us a hard time with a bunch of corrupted files. And our artist is insanely busy. Once school starts up, progress on Avalon will slow down a bit, but it will keep going.

It has to.

More updates as they come. ^_^

Avalon's Lead Design Devlog - Part 1

Gabby_at_GreyBox Blog

"Whatever you do, don't make an MMO as your first game!!"

Starting in 2011, this was the only response I got when asking for any help on a design issue. Nothing about a better way to do something, just near-constant nay-saying. Evidently, you can make *anything* you want when you're an indie -- except the elusive MMORPG. And the reasoning I see most often is because they couldn't pull it off themselves.


I'm not going to sit here and claim the title of game design god - though that's something I aspire to. Actually, I'm just the opposite. I'm a freshman design student with an average GPA at a school where they refuse to acknowledge there's anything to games but modelling and texturing until the second half of our fouth year. My sole qualifications are a decent computer, ideas, and way more drive and ambition than is healthy. Although my job title sounds much more fancy. So much so, that I'm gonna write it all out:

I am Gabby Taylor, Creator/Lead Design of GreyBox Games Studio.

Yeah, drink it in. Sure, anyone reading this has similar titles, bestowed on them by people who get paid more than they do, but hey who needs that? I even have business cards, and you can't argue with business cards.

So, what happened between 2011 and now? Well, about what'd you'd expect; not much of anything. I worked on my design document, and daydreamed about how awesome it would be if it actually became playable. And then roped in a couple friends and my brother to get started! So now GreyBox has a Lead Programmer, a Lead Audio Director, and a Lead Character/Creature Artist. Granted, all four of us have many more responsibilities than just that, but listing all of them would ruin the fanciness of the titles. We can't have that.

As of now, the four of us regularly ignore the above-stated advise of more seasoned developers and continue making our MMORPG. It is entitled Avalon, and damn if it isn't going well! The design document has garnered a lot of ego boosts from teachers and game devs alike, and even some mumbles that sounded a bit like "Ok, maybe you can pull this off", but I can't be sure. The art, music, terrain, and general hype are all being worked on as we speak (read/write), as well as a not-as-successful-as-it-could-be Indiegogo campaign. We're working on that too.

Since this is my first game, I'm sort of learning as I go along. Thus far, though, its awesome. And I have to admit, I feel a bit like a rockstar when seeing the reaction to the phrase "I'm making a game." ^_^

This blog will be continued, and cover GreyBox's attempt at making an MMO from my point of view. Our Lead Programmer and Audio Director are also writing blogs about this from their respective points of view. Links are forthcoming. Stay tuned, guys!

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