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graymainer May 10 2014 replied:

What i did was just copy and paste all of the maps from half - life 2's maps folder into smod's maps folder. hl2's maps folder is located here: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2
2nd location: C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2

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graymainer May 10 2014 says:

Whenever i play your smod it doesn't have any scenes. I decided to take a look in the console and I see a bunch of scene errors related to: Can't find scenes.
basiclly,It's missing all of the scenes and i dunno how to fix it, so it would be fantastic if you or someone else would help.

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graymainer Apr 23 2014 says:

f**k...f**k.... F**K!!!!
When ever i try to f*cking load this f*cking mod it goes to the logo of valve, then it shows half of the background then it all goes black, then my cursor goes invisible, then it appears again, then a couple of seconds later it shrinks, goes to my desktop and shows "hl2.exe Has Stopped Working..." it gives no information at all about the crash. i'm freak'in annoyed with this mod and crash and would really be happy if someone could help me fix this dumb crash. Sorry for long comment, sorry for my attitude I have been having this error for a long time now and no matter what i do or what version it is, it still doesn't fix anything except for yours fixed a little bit. Other smod games work like UnderHell. Please Help!

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graymainer Apr 19 2014 says:

Dude, I need help. I meet recommended requirements yet i have EXTREMELY low FPS. I don't know why and when i switch EVERYTHING down it doesn't change anything. resolution, textures, shaders, shadows, bloom, motion blur etc. But it still stays at the same FPS. Why? My system specs: ATI radeon HD 4890 pentium 4 3.20 GHz windows 7 professional 32 bit ram 2 GB. I looked at your system requirements and I meet it for sure.
Please help, I really want to play this AWESOME mod.
sorry for long, big comment.

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