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Graphica @ Helms Deep for Oblivion

We have for a long time not been working on it but the mod have still changed a lot..
Right now it seems that I am the only one modding.. stoferr have kinda stopped answering when I've asked if he's still in on it.. So i've chosen to make some radical changes.. take a look:

- You have probably all noticed that you have to install more than one file.. That one is gone for good.. only one file have to be used from now on..

- You've maybe also noticed that the mod itself didn't actually add anything to the game.. that one is also dead now.. I have made new textures for every single object in this mod and are still working on adding more..

- Using the "working gates" mod i have now made the gates open.. also they have been retextured..

- The biggest change that you may or may not notice is probably.. That the entire castle have been completely rebuild!!! From scratch!! Again!..

because of that the shire and the burning village is now gone.. I don't see any reason for them to be in the same mod as this.. they could be in a separate one or something..
Also because of that I have been the only one working on it, it still lacks a lot of stuff.. I haven't added any NPC's. I haven't made the interior. I haven't made a quest..
I know a lot of you probably have expected that by now but I do have a life to live too.. sry guys..

Here is 25 screenshots stick out for you. (I read comments on Deviantart a lot more often so if you want my attention, then write there.. The chances that i'll se your message the same day that you write is rather big)

The mod won't be uploaded this year and possibly not ever at all.. but I will be working on it sometimes an maybe some day I will upload it.. untill then.. have fun!!
Feel free to contact me on:
Or at my deviantart profile:

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