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Grantelbart Jul 4 2011, 1:45pm replied:

The map is a remake, therefore it was my full intention to leave the original style. The map dates back to 2005-2006 and was in BG2 until version 0.16. The map was taken out due some problems and is now coming back in a much better version than ever.
I did change things such as the flag positions, modify the layout slightly and change a lot of the details. The asthetics are the pure 2005 BG2 look, without many of BG2's own materials and models that we have now. The map is a fine contrast to the maps that are more based on our own content, as it makes good use of HL2 materials and Tomdon's own works (he was the mapper).

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Grantelbart May 25 2011, 5:09am replied:

SP2 caused some problems with certain Linux distributions, so we still officially distribute SP1. SP2 only contained a few minor fixes.

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Grantelbart Jul 3 2010, 9:05am replied:

Sorry for the late reply, I have sent you and Grgson a private message explaining you how to get battle grounds 2. If you or anyone have any further questions, send me a PM and I will try to help you.

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Grantelbart Jul 3 2010, 8:58am replied:


installing BG2 is very easy, here is a small rundown of how to download and install Battle Grounds 2.

1. First, download the file either from our direct mirror or by hitting the Download Now button on the ModDB download details.

ModDB download page for version 2.0:
direct link:

2. After the download has completed, start the .exe installer by double clicking on it. You will see an installation window popup. Complete the installation process. The installer will try to find the correct place to install BG2 to. It must be in Steam directory in the SourceMods subfolder (most often C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\SourceMods\) as bg2.

3. After the installation is complete, restart Steam. Battle Grounds 2 should now appear in your Steam games list.

If you have any problems, don't hesitate to register on our forums at and post your question there.

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Grantelbart Jul 3 2010, 8:48am replied:

Unfortunalely, the map seems to be not quite fixed. It will be looked into.

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Grantelbart Jul 3 2010, 8:47am replied:

Nathan is correct, 12 PM EST => 12:00 in the 24-hour clock system. That means in Germany and the rest of the CET time zone, it was 18:00. Now BFTC moved to 1 PM EST or 19:00 for central europeans. (6 hour difference from EST to CET)

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Grantelbart May 9 2010, 3:26pm replied:

It is pretty amazing to see how long some things from BG1 actually last. We still use the new first person weapon models steve made for 1.0f if you know that, just improved the textures on them.

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Grantelbart May 9 2010, 3:24pm replied:

The pistol will still deal out deadly chest and stomach shots from close distance, the damage will just degrade slightly earlier. Chest Damage should still be good to about 15-20 yards.

Well, chances are that someone you hit at that distance is not at full health anyway, and 7 yards constant damage range is not a big difference. We will see how this feels in-game however.

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Grantelbart May 9 2010, 7:55am replied:

We will include a readme in such an archive next time, thank you for pointing that out. I wasn't the person who packed this but I will forward this to all of the team.

You could actually just navigate to the /maps/ folder of this .zip and just put these maps into your bg2/maps/, there are no further dependencies like materials that come with this map pack.

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Grantelbart Apr 21 2010, 12:26pm replied:

It's one of the several new flag skins added in 1.5a (credits to the person who made all the high res skins for us, I don't remember his name right now). The Americans did not have a unified flag throughout the war and have flown various banners. The most famous one is the Gadsden flag reading "Don't tread on me".

The Britsh also have a naval flag option with a new skin.

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Grantelbart Apr 21 2010, 12:22pm replied:

The player limit had been increased before, it is 64 now. Nothing will stop you from running such a server and some LB clans already do :) if you want I might dig up a demo from such an event. I don't know if someone has turned it into a video of some sort

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Grantelbart Oct 4 2009, 8:18am replied:

It's the default settings for the crosshair, but if you like to, you can have just the center dot, or the circle and the three lines or any other combination. Colour is also fully customizable

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Grantelbart Oct 4 2009, 8:15am replied:

it doesn't matter when you purchased HL2 or how exactly you got it, even just HL2: Episode One or Two should work. In fact the access to the Source SDK is the only hard requirement, and that is unlocked with almost any source engine game from valve

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Grantelbart Sep 26 2009, 2:59am says:

The tomahawk is melee only, just like the hatchet the Minuteman uses in melee (to balance the classes)

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Grantelbart Sep 24 2009, 10:42am says:

We called this class "Minuteman" in the class menu UI, but Militia is just fine as well.

The two new classes can be described as "skirmishers", they do not have the melee power of the line infantry, but they move faster and use a tomahawk/farm axe for melee combat.

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