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Gornor79 @ Black Mesa: On a Rail Uncut

I've just watched the video and it was simply... shocking! You've made an amazing work with On a Rail just as with Surface Tension. The mapping is very cool, and is far more better than the original HL1.
But, for I'm not registered on BM Forums, let me to tell my suggestions about OaR Uncut here. Just small things, for the maps are very good-looking on the whole.
1. The style and the general look of the cafeteria above the tracks is too much different from the other parts of the office complex. The other rooms and corridors are dirty and dimly-lit, while that dining hall is bright and has vivid colours, with objects like palm trees that I think don't fit into that dim environment. To be precise, I've no problem with the placing of that area, it's a good idea, contrary to some opinions in the BM forums. But I think it needs to be re-designed a bit, for example that black-and-white stone floor could be replaced with a simple grey concrete floor, the whole hall needs somewhat less lighting, and those plants could also be removed. (Except if that black and white stone floor is built in the engine somehow - together with the tables and chairs - and thus can't be replaced with another texture, for I remember that it's used in every cafeteria rooms in the game. But I just think it'd be better to be replaced if possible.)
2. The white painted strips on the upper bridge-like platforms are also needless in my opinion, for the platforms are lined with railings there.
3. Some of the lights in the tunnels should be out, or flickering, showing that the whole area is in the state of disrepair. But I suspect that you'd already planned to do this, but it was the first thing for you to make the maps ready for alpha testing and do the minor fixings later.
Please do not take these suggestions as a criticism, I am very much impressed by your mapping work. I only told you all this to help making the addon even more realistic.
So, keep on doing the mapping work, man! :)

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Gornor79 @ Surface Tension Uncut - V1.11 Final Released!

Thanks for all this great work!

I had also been very much disappointed when I played BMS and after the tank battle scene, all of a sudden the chapter continued with the Gargantua scene, with a lot of original HL1 content simply cut out. I can not accept the dev team's apologies about the mapper of Surface Tension leaving and they had to finish the level hastily. If you alone were able to finish adding the missing part within only 3 months, the whole BM dev team also could've been able to do that. I do not want to mock them becouse of this fault for otherwise they did an amazing and admirable work with BMS, and I had been waiting for its release very much for years. But your work was a necessary one for making BM:S fully consistent with the original HL1.

After this great addon, I am also curious about your next work with the On a Rail chapter, especially because I also missed that's cut-out parts (but that was not so apparent than in the case of ST, because the new level design was very good on the whole).

Perhaps you should also consider joining the Tripmine Studios dev team, who are working on Opposing Force and Blue Shift? Thinking of your skill in level design, they may certainly need your contribution (and perhaps you together would finish these mods earlier :)).

So thanks again for ST Uncut, and keep up the good work!

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