Ever since I was little, I dreamed of making games. Now that I found this site and started modding, my dream is coming true. I love old arcade games where you hunt monsters for gold and level up your character.

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I wanted to make another blog post explaining a few things. The reason I haven't updated for a while is I was away at camp. Also I'm working on a large media release on July 5th. That's Tuesday, if I'm counting right. Also, I just got Fallout New Vegas and didn't know I needed Steam. I hate those tiny labels on the back that seem unimportant but are. Of course, Microsoft wont take it back once it's open, so Walmart can't give me my money back. All right, I also need to know if anyone has anything they want to see on the boat in my second earth map. Oh, I guess I just spoiled what one of the maps is. Alright I'll see you guys later.

The Dark Secret part 1 review

GmansFan Blog 2 comments

The Dark Secret part 1, it was interesting. The mod is well designed and has some pretty cool architecture. The mod is a little hard to follow with all the dream sequences, but overall pretty cool. Dark Secret also has some scary scenes as well as some that will make you go "what?".
I would suggest using console mode for this, because some level changes are hard to find. Also keep a finger on the flashlight key as some areas are quite dark. The mod losses some of it's scare factor due to the overuse of monsters breaking walls they were hiding behind.
I give this mod a 7/10, decent architecture, decent scare factor, and some decent reskins. However, the mod suffers from overuse of effects and lack of light in some areas. I would suggest playing it before drawing conclusions though. I will warn you of a recording near a meat room that has a very loud microphone screech at the end.
You can find the mod here: Moddb.com <- this is the main mod page.
or here: Moddb.com

My first blog post.

GmansFan Blog

Alright, this is my first time trying to make a blog post. I have recently discovered a game called Minetest. It is here on Moddb. If you look at the screenshots it make look like a ripoff of minecraft, but it's not. I would suggest playing it first and then making a opinion. And yes there are two mobs in the game right now: rats and ghosts? I don't know what they are, but there scary as hell when you see them in the dark. This mod really touches my arcade games love.

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