I am the director of Tier 3 and a member of the Innovators in Science developers team. I write scripts, design concepts, voice act, and write the storylines. I am decent at designing the atmosphere and appearance of our levels, but not so much actually building them...

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So apparently I have a blog...

GLaDOSv3.11 Blog

Not like I expect anyone to read it. But as well as it's here I should probably use it.

First of all- I'm sick again. Oh joy.
You're probably wondering how a computer can get sick. I'll tell you how. I visited a website infected with a virus. Don't ask me how, but the last downloaded virus was influenza. This one is not so bad, but downloading this cure is taking forever.

Enough about me. Onto Tier 3.

Well, production is going along well. We know what everything is going to be like, we have the skeletal script(will be filled in with more maps) and we have about ten fabulous maps, half of which our mapper Wheatley insists are bad. So we have about five that he'll let us use. They are GOOD, too. None of those ninja crazy maps. They are nice, solid, not too hard not too easy maps.

Next problem is the texturing. My textures suck. No kidding. They are BAD. So hopefully, I can get a better interior designer. I'm not saying I'm not a good interior designer, but I'm new to all this and I haven't a clue how to make them look all pretty and shiny and whatnot.

Last. Remodeling. Must I go on? No. But I will anyway. We are remodeling most if not all npcs, so naturally that means we have to settle on a design. Bother.

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