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multiplayer mods i have 3 more and there are 20 more to go. one of the three mods are retiree it where you and you team have to get out of a base that full of monsters and you have one life each and 11 players can play. now if you do get out you would have to get far away from the base before it blows up. when i mean blow up i mean blow up. there well be a nuke inside but if you can disarm it your safe until the monsters find you. now rusk you is when ten of your friend well have to save you from the monsters that want to eat you. your friend well be in a safe house but the monsters well try to kill them before you get to them. at the end a helicopter or boat well com and pick you up. there well be 20 player each the survivors and rusks. now last is hide and seek is a smiler game type to halo 3s hide and seek but its different you and 34 players well fight wave after wave of monsters after 6 waves you well more to a new location. now weapons the gravity gun it shots a powerful blast of plasma that well push anything in the path. now the ght 56 is a smg but put together with a sniper. its a very deadly weapon with one shot in the head something well die or someone. now last is the plasma assault rifle it fire plasma the gose though wall anything its one of the most deadly s weapons in the game.

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