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there are now 6 multieplayer mods there are 2 more. here they are mass destrusctoin it where you and your team has to destroy a base but be on you dont let it seem like its going to be easy its now because there well be creators down there waiting for you and city out break you and 10 friends well have to try to get out of the citty before you all die by the ceator that are killing people and infeacting them now a littlie more weapons i well tell you 3 weapons you well be using the ak57, the uv50 pistol and last but not lest the uv8 shotgun the ak 57 is a upgread form the ak50 it fire more bullets then the other aks the uv50 pistol fires like a ak but it small and you can have two of them at he same time. the uv8 shotgun fire multieble rounds and come in five types fire thunder asit ice and maybe water

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