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I woke up in the snow but I was on another planet. I got up and picked up my ak77 and Started to walk in the snow. There was nothing alive but I was wrong some thing Was watching me. I do not know what although I knew it was something. Then I bumped into a door. I said," What is a door doing here." I opened it, went in and closed the door behind me. I turned on the flash light on my ak77 and went down stairs and there was a tank. But there was nothing in it.I continued to walk and I spotted blood on the floor. I bent down, touched the blood and tasted it. It was nasty I spit it out It was blood. Then something passed behind me and I turned around. I pick up my ak77 and turned on the flash light. Then something attacked me. it was a dog so I kicked it. Then someone tried to hit me. I grabbed him and threw him. I tied him with the rope on the floor. I said," Wake up." He said," Who are you?" I yelled, "You first." He said," My name is Jake." I said," My name is mike". I then said," Where am I." Jake answered," This is neos." I said, "I never heard of it" Jake said then "because we never called earth. I said, "Why?" Jake said, "because these things are here" I said what things?" but then something grabbed him and took him, it was huge. I started to run outside. I took out my ak77. Then one of those things attacked. I went back inside and closed the door. I had to find another way out. I walked into a hallway. There was a door. I opened it and went in. there I was in the snow again. I started to walk. I felled then one of those things came up and was running. I picked up my ak77 and started to shoot. It grabbed me.I then shot it in the eye. It dropped me. I then changed my ak77 to Grande launcher mode. I lunched the grenade and it ate it. Boom!!!!!!!!! It blew up. Blood rained from the sky. I was covered in blood. I continued to walk. I found a helicopter like vehicle called the vuldurn. I got in and started to fly I armed the guns. Three hours later. I woke up with dirt in my face. I was in a forest. I had cashed. I started to run to the vuldurn. My ak77 was the ground so I picked it up. I went in the vuldurn and took the ammo and the other weapons. That where the sk74 the gravity gun. I continued to walk. I put another grenade in my ak77. I said, "There is no one here or thing." I then stepped on an arm, I picked it up. There was a radio in the hand. I took it out of the hand. I passed the button and said, " Is there anyone there" shh yes who are you. I said, "My name is mike and I got of the snow area with a vuldurn. He said, "Don't move we are sending someone to get you." I said "ok" two

hours later. Some guy came in a car. He said "get in". I said "Are you the guy who is sent to pick me up." He said, "Yeah" I got in. I felled asleep. Three hours later. I woke up we where in a base. I got out. The guy who picked me up said, "Follow me." I said, "Ok" we started to walk. We walked to the elevator and got in. 2 hours later. We got out of the elevator and there was a man. Waiting for me. He said, "To the guy who picked me up to go. I said, "Who are you and what is going on." He said, "My name is Maxwell and what are you talking about what's going on" I said, "what are those things outside that are killing people." Maxwell said, "These things are called dreath. I said, "Where do they come from." Maxwell said, "This is there planet". I said, "We have to get out of here. Then Maxwell said, "We cant because we have no more ship." I said, "Have to get out of here." Maxwell said, "Good luck the dreath well kill you." I said, "I killed on before. Maxwell said that's why you're covered in blood. I said, "Yeah." Maxwell said, "How you killed it." I said, "Shot a grenade in its mouth and it blew up. Maxwell said," that's must have been easy? I said, "It wasn't." I went in the elevator and went down to the lower floor. Maxwell told, "His men to stop me. I took out my ak77 and said, "If any of you come near me you well be full of bullets." They backed off. I got in the car and started to leave. But then a dreath came up from the ground and ran into the car. I crashed into the base. I kicked the car door and jumped out. I picked up my gravity gun and shot it. Boom!!!!!!!!! It blew up and its guts flew every where and blood again rained. Some of the guts got in the base. Maxwell said, "We need you." I said, "Well im not staying hear." Maxwell said, "There are more and they are even bigger." I said, "Well I gases I well have to kill them all to find a ship and I well. Maxwell yelled, "You're a dead man." I said, "what if the dreath get in and then what you well do." Maxwell said, "We well fight and if we die we well die fighting." I said, "Good luck."

I started to walk. 7:40 . I found my safe in the desert and there where dead bodies in the sand. They where all killed by the dreath. Then dreath came out of the sand. There were millions of them. I took out my ak77 and ak74. The dreath started to run to me. I started to shoot. I kicked one and then I shot it. Three hours later. I was covered in alien blood. I started to walk. As I walked though the desert I could hear people crying for help. I don't know why. I look up and I see the stars. I continued to walk. Not knowing that I was stepping into a trap. Through out my life I have killed people but for what money, women. I will tell you for nothing. I killed for nothing. I killed aliens, people and again for nothing. I killed for nothing. I'm an assassin and I don't get paid. 10:10 I get to a base that is covered in sand. Boom!!!! a huge dreath comes out of the sand. It was the one that graded Jake. I started to run for it. The dreath started to come after me. I have to kill it or at less get it down so I can get away. I lunched a rocket at it and it fell to the ground. I then ran to front of me.

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