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Germanunkol Aug 30 2014, 4:53pm says:

This looks right in so many ways. Well done.
I love how, when zooming out, the ships get "replaced" by icons.

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Germanunkol Aug 23 2014, 11:21am says:

I'd love it if these formations really made use of the third dimension.

None of that 2d-wedge formation... go for the 3d-cone formation instead! :D

You could watch Ender's Game (or better, read the book) before deciding on the available formations...

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Germanunkol Aug 7 2014, 1:59pm replied:

Ah, but I like it! You might want to add something coming out of the other end, maybe a narrow beam in the same glowing color, that makes it look more like the ship doesn't vanish into the gate when it enters it, but goes through instead.
I like how "unique" this is - it does look like it could be moved, and it also looks very differet to other jump gates I've seen in science fiction.

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Germanunkol Jul 26 2014, 10:03am says:

Looking good!
I noticed that the character's chest is a bit weird: It looks like a relatively tight sweater. In that case, I think there should not be a dent in the middle of the chest. I think such a dent only appears when you actively pull the shirt close to your body.
I hate to ruin this for everyone, but I think the way it's now it looks too much like someone's behind ;)

Anyway, great looking game, keep it up!

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Germanunkol Jul 26 2014, 9:56am says:

Great update.
I think you should post the link to your kickstarter project in each post... very few people will start searching the web or kickstarter for it...

+2 votes     article: New TerraTech Demo fixes 'Twitter sharing' bug
Germanunkol Jun 21 2014, 3:30am says:

Great work. Do you mind giving hints as to what software you use for skyboxes? We've been struggling with that in the past - making great space sky boxes is more difficult than one thinks...

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Germanunkol May 31 2014, 7:07am says:

Wow, that's one big fleet.
Mind giving some hints as to how you handle it? Do you update each entity every frame (brute force)? Or are there some algorithms involved which minimize the calculations?

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Germanunkol May 16 2014, 2:31am says:

Wicked. Totally love it. Great work!

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Germanunkol May 13 2014, 1:47pm says:

Still love the idea behind this. Keep it up!

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Germanunkol May 13 2014, 1:46pm says:

If I ever get the final game I'll remember NOT to step into the water...!

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Germanunkol Apr 15 2014, 11:08am says:

Nice atmosphere!

Somehow, I think the ground is too bright where the bunker sits - the bunker seems much darker than the ground. Maybe ambient occlusion or similar would make it look a bit better - or increase bunker brightness or decrease terrain brightness?

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Germanunkol Apr 4 2014, 3:42pm says:

Looking awesome. I'm really looking forward to seeing some game footage once more of these models are built in!

+1 vote     media: First 3D Model - Vault
Germanunkol Mar 4 2014, 3:19pm replied:

The version you have is made for Löve 0.8.
You can get the newest version from github (this is work in progress, but it's working with Löve 0.9) or wait a little longer until I officially make a new release.
Note that everything should work on the new Github version, but it can't connect to the online server yet, since that's still running the current version.

+1 vote     game: TrAInsported
Germanunkol Mar 4 2014, 3:05pm says:

Great work there, especially for just 7 days of work! I'm really looking forward to Linux builds.

I don't like the rain yet. For one thing, the droplets look way too large, and also they look out of place in this desert setting.
Maybe add a few bushes and small bits of grass here and there, then it'll look much better.

Keep it up!

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Germanunkol Feb 26 2014, 7:24am replied:

I'm not an expert, but I've done a fair bit of development on Linux. So if you need any help, feel free to ask.
Until then, good luck with development! I'll track it.

+1 vote     article: Galaxial: Sound Effects and Projectiles Video
Germanunkol Feb 26 2014, 5:21am says:

I love the interface! Why would you want to change it? :D

Anyway, great looking effects. I'm really astonished by how well it performs.
I've been looking into making something similar - your tests have built my confidence that my project will work out :)

Only thing wrong with this game is the OS it's running on :(
I'd love to play a Linux version. You list "custom built" as your engine. Any reason (dependencies?) why you're not making it cross-platform?

+2 votes     article: Galaxial: Sound Effects and Projectiles Video
Germanunkol Feb 17 2014, 2:47pm says:

Awesome work. I love how easy the workflow seems to be. The editor looks very polished. Well done!
I love the export-to-image version!

+4 votes     article: New Trailer - Creation Tools
Germanunkol Feb 17 2014, 2:26pm replied:

Same here. Awesome post, thanks for sharing!

I'm thinking about generating something similar in 2D...
Great work!

+1 vote     article: Volumetric explosion for two
Germanunkol Jan 3 2014, 8:01am replied:

Sorry, I never realised that you posted here!
I'm pretty late, but I'd be glad if you added the game to the AUR! I don't have experience with the packaging myself, but I've added a license some time ago, which should be unrestrictive enough.

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Germanunkol Dec 27 2013, 6:30am says:

Clicking the images for "Outlast" and "Tales of Maj'Eyal" gets me to different games. Intended?
Clicking the links below the images works, though. Looks like "broken", or missleading links...

Congrats to all the winners!

+7 votes     article: Indie of The Year 2013
Germanunkol Dec 19 2013, 4:36am replied:

Hi, welcome to indieDB :)
I'm glad you like it - thanks for the comment!

They probably want new people to register, so that's why they don't allow names. Or they're afraid a guest might pose as another user. But if the comment is drawn in another colour or something, and clearly marked as "Guest", I think you're right - it has annoyed me before that I can't really know who the "Guests" were.
Edit: Ah, never mind, you meant claiming them, instead of adding a name. I think both would be good, though...

+2 votes     article: Released Version 4, Summary of development
Germanunkol Oct 10 2013, 11:31am says:

It's so.... beautiful! :)

+2 votes     article: Magicite Kickstarter has Launched!
Germanunkol Oct 2 2013, 5:33am says:

Perfect Art! Well done. Tracking.

+1 vote     article: Magicite - Expect The Kickstarter This Week!
Germanunkol Sep 23 2013, 3:35am says:

To your last point: You say that you could make the planets bigger but don't want to change the visual style. Why not try this:
- The planet's size remains the same, but the projectiles become "smart". Each projectile has a small radius around it, and if there's a planet close enough, it will fire an additional engine and move towards that planet.
This way you could hit planets without precisely hitting them. The whole thing could be explained by saying that the projectiles have a gravitational-pull-sensor in them, and when the gravitational pull gets large enough, the projectile moves towards that pull.
By displaying the radius you could make it quite plausible for players. And you can easily adjust that radius for different guns, or leave it away entirely for the really strong guns.

+2 votes     article: Inside Interplanetary: Targeting Problems
Germanunkol Sep 23 2013, 3:27am replied:

Aren't those the unity animations?
They look very familiar... but looks very nice!

Anyways, really nice atmosphere you've got there. I like all the particles flying around :)

+1 vote     article: Gameplay videos. And a pre-alpha and Kickstarter in 2-3 weeks
Germanunkol Sep 23 2013, 3:24am says:

I love the water effect. Very nice, the smooth water is a beautiful contrast to the pixel art above...

+3 votes     article: Ship building system and more!
Germanunkol Sep 15 2013, 11:49am says:

Beautiful. Looking forward to the skinned version!

The gif is a little fast, but it's nice to see the modules. Keep it up!

+1 vote     media: Cruiser Modeling
Germanunkol Sep 8 2013, 4:51am says:

Great game idea. I love the idea, the graphics and the boars. :)


+2 votes     game: Dungeon Colony
Germanunkol Sep 3 2013, 1:28pm says:

Love those maps. They look very, very nice... well done! They look like it won't be boring to sail around :)

+1 vote     article: GamesCom and World Map Gen
Germanunkol Aug 30 2013, 6:15pm says:

Feedback after a short match on the new Demo:

Works very smoothly. Infact, this new demo seems to play much better than the older ones, I now actually stand a chance against the bots!!
2) Slow-Mo takes getting used to, but the charging up of the boost effect is a very nice change.
3) Menu isn't that good any more, I think it was better before. Look at this screen:
There are 4 different fonts in a (very small) menu, and they're overlapping each other. Additionally, the background's moving and the menu is transparent and over the other text. It felt much smoother/calmer before, I liked that more. My suggestion:
- For all the menus, try to stick to 2 fonts only (bold an non-bold)
- Either capitalize everything, or don't. Don't do both.
- Make the Menu background less transparent
- Remove the text in the background, or don't let it go behind the menu
- Make sure the text (here, "Orange wins!") is always a minimum of 10 pixels from all sides of the menu (Padding)
4) I disliked the screen-color tint when one kar won. It felt disko-ish. The idea is nice, but needs work... maybe zoom in on the winner instead?

Overall, this is still a fantastic game. Well done, keep it up, hope you make the October deadline! :)

+3 votes     game: KarBOOM
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